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The Printmaking Program’s expansive studios offer nearly eight thousand square feet of total space, and are considered state of the art in both design and safety. The program, with an extensive inventory of equipment and resources, provides the student with the ability to work in both traditional and contemporary printmaking processes.

With spacious and well-lit work spaces–featuring spectacular views of the Shawangunk Ridge and Catskill Mountains–the studio easily accommodates innovative and large-scale projects. A highly efficient central ventilation system creates continuous, safe air quality throughout the entire printmaking studio. A recent addition to the studio is the small paper making area. 

Relief and Intaglio Studio

  • 3 Charles Brand etching presses (36”x60”, 30”x50”, 26”x48”)
  • 1 Takach etching press (48”x96”)
  • Separate, well-ventilated acid room
  • 2 nitric baths (24”x36”)
  • Large ferric-chloride bath and vertical tank
  • Aquatint box  (48"x48"x81”)
  • Industrial hot plate (24"x36")
  • 39” plate shear
  • 5 various-sized drying racks




Lithography Studio

  • Full inventory of small, medium, and large lithograph stones and chemistry
  • 3 Charles Brand lithography presses (30”x50”, 24”x40”)
  • 1 Takach lithography press (40“x70“)
  • 1 Fuchs and Lang lithography press (26"x40")
  • Aluminum plate and photolithography chemistry and plate backers
  • Stone lift
  • Professional selection of leather and composite rollers





Photo-silkscreen Studio

  • 1 Douthitt silkscreen exposure unit (64”x78”)
  • 1 Richmond silkscreen exposure unit (40”x45”)
  • 2 vacuum printing tables; one with printing arm (96”x60”)
  • 3 vacuum printing tables (48”x72”, 36”x48”)
  • Professional selection of scoop coaters and squeegees
  • Separate washout room with power washer
  • Separate, light-safe screen drying area
  • 4 various sized drying racks
  • Extensive screen storage




General Studio


  • Spray booth (36"x72")
  • 3 light tables (24”x36”, 30”x40”, 48”x60”)
  • 70" x 36" stainless steel paper sink
  • Clean paper-tearing area
  • 3 various-sized paper cutters
  • Board shear for bookbinding
  • Professional selection of brayers and rollers
  • Extensive flat file storage
  • Scroll saw, compound miter saw, bench grinder and a variety of power and hand tools
  • Overhead transparency projectors
  • Portable iMac station with DLP projector and document camera
  • Epson PowerLite 760 LCD projector
  • Pneumatic power tool collection
  • 3 Foredom flexible-shaft engraving tools
  • Large studio sinks
  • Reserve sets of felts, brayers, and rollers
  • Type-letter set with proofing press
  • Savin 4018 photocopier
  • Various display and exhibition areas
  • Separate critique room
  • Separate BFA/MFA studio
  • Separate etching and solvent wash-out room with four large hood areas
  • Printmaking library and print archive
  • Flexible fume ventilation hoods throughout the main studio
  • Lowel tungsten lights with umbrellas
  • Projector cart with Intel MacPro
  • Wireless studios




Auxiliary Equipment

  • The Art Department's extensive woodworking studio
  • The Smiley Art Building computer graphics labs

Currently in development are improvements to the papermaking area, including systems and programs for recycling paper on campus and growing fibers from the Eastern and Western traditions for student use.




  • Amergraph Magnum flip-top platemaker (36”x46”)
  • Photopolymer etching capabilities
  • HP DesignJet 510 wide-format printer
  • Large Takach registration punch
  • Developing sink (30”x82”)

Digital Labs

  • 11-station Macintosh lab with Mac Pro/G5 computers with current versions of Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, various image and video-editing applications, and broadband internet access
  • 5 Intel MacPro computers with 17" LED displays
  • 6 27" QuadCore iMacs
  • Epson Stylus Pro 9600
  • Epson 7600 wide-format printer with direct feed after-market system in 6 shades of black ink
  • 3 Epson 9880 with K3 UltraChrome ink
  • Epson Workforce 1100
  • HP LaserJet
  • 2 Epson Perfection 4870 photo scanners
  • Epson Expression 10,000 XL photo scanner
  • Software including Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Express, Silverfast, Colorburst 6.0, ILife, XRite Eye-One Profile maker, Profiling software, and Microsoft Office


Papermaking Area

  • 31" x 48" x 64" Dry-stack system for drying handmade paper and flattening prints
  • Hydraulic Aardvark papermaking press 18" max width/length board dependent
  • Whiz mixer
  • Professional selection of moulds and deckles
  • Wool felts
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