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Excelsior Scholarship Program

The New York State Excelsior Scholarship is a state funded scholarship program designed to support full-time undergraduate students from working and middle income households who are on track for on-time degree completion. The Excelsior Scholarship is administered by Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC).  Further details are here.


»  Excelsior Eligibility Review:

Recipients who do not meet the annual credit or continuous enrollment requirements due to one of the c. onditions indicated below may be able to retain their Excelsior Scholarship award:

  • You experience a death of an immediate family member
  • You are called to active military duty
  • You interrupt your studies to take care of your new-born child (parental leave)
  • Your medical or health care provider determines that your medical condition or mental health prevents you from beginning or continuing the term or from continuing a full-time course load.
  • You interrupt your studies to care for an immediate family member whose medical or heath care provider has determined they need additional support or care, which impacts your ability to begin/continue the term or from continuing a full-time course load.

If you meet any of these conditions, please complete the Excelsior Scholarship Eligibility Determination form. Submit the eligibility determination form and required documentation including the Supplemental Medical Information Form, if applicable, via mail or email to

HESC will be notified if it is determined that you are eligible to receive your award. Please be aware that circumstances other than those indicated above may not allow you to retain your award under State laws and regulations.

If your current income or prior year’s adjusted gross income is $125,000 or below due to the disability, divorce or separation of a parent/spouse or the death of a parent/spouse, you may request a review of your eligibility with HESC. More information can be found under “Eligibility Review” on the HESC website.


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