Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations


Welcome to the Facilities Operations web site at SUNY New Paltz. Our department handles all of the structural and utilities trades on campus, our Central Heating Plant as well as Custodial Services for our Residence Halls and Academic spaces. We also maintain the University Grounds, Fleet Management, Moving and Trucking and the Receiving department.  


Our mission is to provide quality, cost-effective essential services in support of the college community.  Facilities Operations creates and maintains an attractive, comfortable and safe environment that is conducive to higher education and living. Our primary goal is to be student focused and as part of our alignment with our strategic initiatives we strive to establish an engaging living and learning community by being on the cutting edge of energy savings and sustainability efforts.  


The New Paltz campus is centrally located between New York City and Albany and comprises of 226 acres including a wetland area, a three-acre pond, and 55 buildings consisting of over 2.25 million square feet.