Facilities Operations

Moving and Trucking / Recycling

 Moving and Trucking

The function of the Moving and Trucking Department is to provide in-house support to the campus and as needed assist vendors/contractors making large deliveries to residential halls and academic departments. Moving and Trucking schedules their work two weeks (10 business days) in advance to occur on days when they are not picking up recycling or making deliveries for the Receiving Department.

Requests for large moves and special events should be placed as far in advance as possible to accommodate your needs. We have a limited number of tables and requests are handled on a first come, first serve basis. All requests for tables, chairs, and set ups for an event MUST have a reservation number assigned to your FUSE form from the events coordinator.

Facilities Operations does not accept any work requests to move surplus equipment. This function is handled by the property control clerk on campus. We will generate a work order for Moving and Trucking only at the request of the property control clerk once they establish the proper storage or disposal of equipment. Any information on property control procedures can be found here.

Moving and Trucking works Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 3:00pm and does not deliver after their normal business hours, on weekends or on holidays. If your event is over the weekend, the delivery will be made on Friday prior to 3pm and pick up will be on Monday after 6:30am. It will be the requesting departments responsibility to store or keep track of tables and chairs once their event is over and until they are picked up during the next regular business day. Your department will be charged for losses and damages.

Examples of tasks performed by Moving and Trucking are:

  • Pickup of surplus, scrap and items for transfer from campus locations
  • Moving furnishings within offices, classrooms and laboratories
  • Delivery of heavy or bulky items from receiving to campus locations
  • Delivery of tables and chairs for special events
  • Setups for special events
  • Moving services for departmental relocation
  • Residence Hall set ups




Facilities Operations handles a variety of recycling programs at the SUNY New Paltz University. We work with several stakeholders with E-Waste Recycling, Battery Recycling, Fluorescent Bulb Recycling, Auto Fluid Recycling and Refuse Recycling. Staff, faculty and students should deposit all recyclable materials in the bins located in the hallways of of our academic buildings. Residence Halls should use the designated recycling rooms in each building. 

Moving and Trucking Recycling Pick Up Schedule:

Monday -   Academic Buildings
Thursday - Academic Buildings

Residence Hall Recycling Pick Up Schedule

Facilities Operations Custodial Services picks up items from the Residence Hall recycling rooms and fills our outdoor recycling carts which are then recycled by our refuse contractor.

Mixed Paper

Newspaper, magazines, inserts, catalogs, junk mail, manila folders, envelopes, brown paper bags, white and colored paper, notebooks, fax paper, soft and hard cover books, paper board (cereal boxes), juice and milk cartons.

Flatten all cardboard, pizza boxes should be turned inside out and flattened.  Frozen food and corrugated cardboard should also be recycled.

Rinse first, clear and colored glass bottles and jars

Rinse first, food, beverage, detergent, shampoo containers, etc. may be recycled.  No plastic bags or Styrofoam.

Rinse first, tin, steel, beverage cans, aluminum pans and cans and clean foil