Facilities Management

Moving and Trucking: Recycling

Recycling is one the programs handled by the Custodial Department under the supervision of Patricia DeWitt, Custodial Services Head Janitor (x3941) and overseen by Kim Nelson, Assistant Director of Facilities Maintenance and Operations (x3380).  New Paltz University follows the guidelines established by the county.  The campus should use the guidelines below.  Staff, faculty and students should deposit all recyclable material in the bins located in the hallways of buildings.

Moving and Trucking Recycling Pick Up Schedule:
Monday – academic buildings
Thursday – Residence Halls
Friday – additional day for SUB, JFT and HAB

Mixed Paper
Newspaper, magazines, inserts, catalogs, junk mail, manila folders, envelopes, brown paper bags, white and colored paper, notebooks, fax paper, soft and hard cover books, paper board (cereal boxes), juice and milk cartons.

Flatten all cardboard, pizza boxes should be turned inside out and flattened.  Frozen food and corrugated cardboard should also be recycled.

Rinse first, clear and colored glass bottles and jars

Rinse first, food, beverage, detergent, shampoo containers, etc. may be recycled.  No plastic bags or Styrofoam.

Rinse first, tin, steel, beverage cans, aluminum pans and cans and clean foil