Facilities Management

HVAC and Refrigeration

The function of the HVAC and refrigeration shop is to provide heating-cooling system operation in campus buildings.  Most systems operate Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  Some systems operate additional evening hours, weekends and holidays for special events, classes, and in some residence halls.  A small number of systems which serve critical areas operate continuously.  Schedules are adjusted to conserve energy during intercession, long holidays and curtailment.  
Requests for additional heating or cooling after hours, weekends or holidays for special events must be prearranged by filling out a Facilities Use for Scheduled Event form (FUSE).  All event forms are approved and scheduled by the coordinator of campus events in the College Auxiliary Services office.  

The Facilities Operations Center generates bi-weekly reports of scheduled events and classes from the Ad Astra system and provides them to the utility shop for pre-scheduling of heat and air conditioning. 

Some examples of HVAC & Refrigeration services are:

  • Replace air conditioning filters
  • Perform preventative maintenance of HVAC related equipment
  • Control air flow distribution, temperature analysis and balancing
  • Repair and maintain air handlers, exhaust fans and hoods
  • Maintain compressors and vacuum pumps integral to the building operating system
  • Maintain ice making machines
  • Maintain chillers and chilled water air conditioning systems
  • Maintain fan coil units, motor, controls and valves
  • Maintain non-personal refrigerators, and freezers
  • Maintain and repair coolers

Note:  Facilities does not service non-facility equipment that does not support research, academic or administrative functions.  It is important to recognize that there is departmental equipment that requires specialized technicians, state licenses or specific tools that are to be maintained and repaired only by an outside contractor.