Facilities Operations

Routine Work Order Requests


Routine Work Order Requests

 These requests are basic maintenance, routine in nature and are received online or by word of mouth from our staff. Once received, they are entered onto the system in a timely manner.  A copy is generated online and sent back to the requestor advising him/her their work request has been received.  The response time is contingent upon scheduling and/or backlog constraints.  The Work Order Request form can be found by logging into my.newpaltz.edu.   Examples of routine work requests include:

  • Routine plumbing work - dripping faucets, automated flushometer batteries not working
  • Routine electrical work - outlet not working, bulb out in office space, exterior lights not working or flickering
  • Hang pictures, bulletin boards
  • Assemble desks, computer stands and furniture    
  • Repair furniture, desk legs, and wheels on office chairs
  • Install shelves or coat racks
  • Painting office space
  • Repair a screen on a window
  • Specific cleaning requests

**NOTE** Mounting or hanging any fixture, shelf, displays, pictures, etc to wall surfaces needs to be done by Facilities Operations staff only, not by other employees. 

How to Generate a Work request

  • Log into my.newpaltz.edu.
  • Click Forms link
  • Click Forms Page link
  • Click Facilities Online Work Request Form link
  • Fill out form

What Happens Next

Once you generate a work request you will receive an email notice that your request was accepted. You will then receive a message that your request was made into a work order with an assigned work order number. Upon completion of the work by our staff you will receive a message that your work order was completed.