Facilities Operations

Help Us Help You


  • Only call directly to the Facilities Operations Center for emergencies, not routine work orders
  • Allow for 10 business days on all Moving and Trucking requests
  • Do not leave food or drinks out in living spaces and office areas, they attract pests and rodents
  • Break down corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Use walk-off mats to help keep the floors clean and safe
  • Clean up around your personal plants
  • Purchase hard rubber wheels for chairs used on uncarpeted floors, plastic wheels ruin hard floors
  • Do not prop open fire doors in hallways
  • Do not leave items in hallways or block egress
  • Do not leave a/c units running in your offices when you leave for the weekend, especially if your area will be unoccupied
  • Do not leave windows open with a/c running
  • Do not leave windows open when you leave for the weekend in case there is inclement weather
  • When you leave for the day, make sure all lights are turned off
  • To prevent loss of water, report major water leaks to x3301
  • Report telephone problems to Telecommunications
  • Report computer problems to Computer Services 
  • Report non operable washer/dryer units to College Auxiliary Services   
  • For non working card access, contact the ID office in the Student Union Building