Disability Resource Center

Orientation and Registering for Classes

Prepare for your advising and course selection session

Will you need to request academic accommodations for taking tests, quizzes and exams?

Your class schedule must allow for extended test time – do not take more than two classes back-to-back.

Recommendations: Try to build a balanced schedule that is challenging but also be sure to take a class or two that you are confident will be a little easier and one or two courses that are General Ed Requirements. Think about your academic strengths as well as barriers that you face due to your disability. Then look at course requirementsfrom your chosen major or an area that you want to learn more about or are thinking about as a major. Select one or two classes that are required for your major.

Talk to your academic advisor about your need for test accommodations so that you can work together to schedule your classes accordingly.

It is easier to build in test time now than doing drop and add later when there are not as many options for courses because they are full.

Preparing for your advisement session