Disability Resource Center

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Access, Advocacy, and Achievement

Services and Accommodation

The DRC is committed to leveling the playing field for students with disabilities through services and accommodations. Students new to the DRC will need to make an intake meeting appointment. At this appointment, a DRC staff member and the student will discuss the need for accommodations and determine academic accommodations.  It is preferred that disability documentation is presented prior to the intake meeting with DRC staff.  For more information on disability documentation, please see "Forms" tab.

Accommodated Testing Program

The Accommodated Testing Program provides proctoring services to students with disabilities. Students are advised to set up their testing accommodations as close to the beginning of the semester as possible by meeting with a staff member of the DRC. Students requesting testing accommodations will need to submit a Semester Request in the beginning of each semester to allow DRC staff to notify instructors of their accommodations. Testing accommodations include but are not limited to extended time for exams, use of a reader or scribe, use of a computer for essay exams and alternate location.

Assistive Technology Training and Support

The DRC supports students with visual limitations, learning disabilities or other cognitive or physical limitations that significantly affect the ability to read and/or comprehend print material through the use of alternative text services which convert print material into a format that is more compatible to a student's abilities or to train the student to utilize assistive technology to provide access to printed information.  Note-taking accommodations and software are available to students with hearing, visual, motor limitations or those who have learning/cognitive disabilities that significantly affect the process of taking notes in class.

Support Services for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders:

The DRC provides support to students with Autism Spectrum Disorders through regularly scheduled individual appointments and through workshops focusing on interpersonal and academic skills. For more information, please see "Compass Program" tab.

Reporting Accessability Barriers:

If you or someone you know encounters a physical barrier that is preventing equal access to a building or area, please report it to Facilities Operations and Maintenance at (845)257-3300

Other Services Include:

  • Scheduling assistance for accessible classrooms
  • Assistance with accessible routes around campus
  • Training on assistive technology
  • Coordination of sign language interpreters/captioning services
  • Referral to Center for Student Success, Psychological Counseling Center, Academic Advising
  • Liaison with ACCES-VR and CBVH
  • Information on disability and higher education
  • Support services for veterans through Veterans and Military Services

Additional Campus Services (not provided by DRC):

SUNY New Paltz offers a full range of services for all students through a referral process.


Engage is a partnership between the Student Association and the Center for Student Engagement.

Whether students are seeking to join a club or organization or just looking for events happening on campus, Engage is a great way to get involved.

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The DRC strives to be successful in promoting student access, advocacy, and achievement.  To demonstrate the effectiveness of the services and resources that are available to students, DRC staff analyze program data to determine how students are different as a result of the DRC.  This program data is used to show the impact of the resources offered while guiding the DRC toward improvement, and to better impact all students with disabilities.