Disability Resource Center

Accommodated Testing Program

Access, Advocacy, and Achievement

The Accommodated Testing Program provides proctoring services to students with disabilities. Students are advised to set up their testing accommodations as close to the beginning of the semester as possible by meeting with a staff member of the DRC.  Faculty members will receive an accommodation letter either in person from the student or via email from the DRC staff member outlining the testing accommodations that the student is eligible to receive.  Testing accommodations include but are not limited to extended time for exams, use of a reader or scribe, use of a computer for essay exams, and/or alternate location.

Student’s Responsibilities

In order for a student to use testing accommodations through the Accommodated Testing Program he/she must do the following:

1. Meet with the DRC to set up their testing accommodations and discuss delivery of accommodation letter to instructors.

2. The online exam request should be submitted at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled exam date if they choose to take their exam with the DRC's Accommodated Testing Program.  (Alternative Testing Requests for midterm and final exams should be submitted more than 3 days in advance to ensure that space is available for students).  The faculty members will be notified of the request once it has been submitted.


                  How to Submit an Exam Request through the DRC

Test Room Booking- Student Guide

The instructions for requesting to take an exam with the DRC are below:

  1. Go to my.newpaltz.edu and log in using your New Paltz credentials
  2. Under “Resources”, click on “Disability Resource Center” (this will log you into our system called Accommodate)
  3. Click on “Testing Room”
  4. Click “New Booking Request”
  5. Select the course
  6. Click “DRC” on the proper date and time in which you are requesting to take the exam.
  7. Fill in the proper information
  8. Click “Submit Request”

An instructional video is also available to show the steps to submit this request: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Sp5YDFDwg4

Important information:

-You must submit a request at least 3 business days before the exam date

-You cannot submit a request more than 20 days in advance

-You will receive a confirmation email once the request is submitted

-Once your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation of approval email

-All exams for 8:00am classes should be scheduled to begin at 8:30am

-The latest time that an exam may start is 4:45pm

-If you are going to request to take an exam at a different time than the class, you will need instructor’s approval BEFORE putting in a request

-We recommend that you save the link on your computer for accommodate for future testing room requests (it will be on my.newpaltz as well)


3. Students should arrive at the DRC office at least 5-10 minutes before their scheduled exam time.

Instructor’s Responsibilities

1. Provide the assigned accommodations either by allowing the student to take the exam at the DRC or allowing the student their accommodations in the classroom.

2. Reply to the notification of a student’s request to take an exam with the DRC. Instructors are asked to respond and include any special instructions for their exam (i.e. open book for exam, use of notes, use of the internet, etc.) and a way to be contacted during the exam should the student have questions.

3. Deliver the exam to the DRC at least one hour before the exam is scheduled to be proctored.  Exams can be uploaded on the faculty Accommodate profile or dropped off to the department in the Haggerty Administration Building, 205.  Please do not use interoffice mail as the exam may not reach the DRC by the testing time.

(Instructors may be asked to provide final examinations earlier than one hour before the scheduled start time)

An instructional video is also available to teach you how to use your Accommodate profile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iHHTQalZB0


DRC’s Responsibilities

1. Meet with students to set up their testing accommodations and assign accommodations to the students.

2. Process the online request by forwarding the request to the appropriate instructor and scheduling the exam.

3. Hire a proctor to proctor the exam.

4. Return completed exams to the instructor in a timely basis.  Exams will be delivered back to the instructor via email between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. or available for the instructor to pick up at the DRC.  If an exam is completed close to or after 5 p.m. the exam will be emailed or available for pick-up the next business day.

Please note:

  • If a student arrives late for an exam, time will be deducted from their extended time.
  • If a student cancels an exam with the DRC, the student will be directed to speak with their instructor. We will do our best to accommodate make up exams but will not schedule an alternate time without the instructor’s permission.
  • If a student requests an exam at a different date and/or time than the class due to scheduling conflicts, students are asked to speak directly to their instructor to find an agreeable time to take the exam.  The DRC will accommodate requests during our testing hours (Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.).
  • If a student requests to take an exam with the DRC with less than four days notice, the DRC cannot guarantee space to be available for the time and date requested.
  • If a student is caught cheating on an exam, the DRC will notify the instructor of what occurred during the exam.

Accommodated Testing Program Hours

The Accommodated Testing Program schedules exams to begin between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. with the exception of finals week.  Students who have classes that begin after 5 p.m. and would like to request to take an exam with the DRC are asked to work out an agreeable time with the instructor to take their exam during our testing hours.

During finals week, the DRC follows the SUNY New Paltz final exam schedule and provides testing services into the evening with the exception of exams that are scheduled to begin at 7:45 p.m. which will be scheduled for 5 p.m..

If you have any questions about the Accommodated Testing Program, please feel free to contact us at 845-257-3020