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Disability Resource Center

ASD Services

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Disability Resource Center
Support Services for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders


The Disability Resource Center (DRC) offers comprehensive services for students with documentation of Autism Spectrum Disorders (NVLD, PDD, Asperger Syndrome, Autism).  Once registered with the DRC, students with ASD will be invited to participate in the services offered.

Students who participate will be able to:

  • Identify academic, social, and personal strengths and challenges by reflecting on past educational experiences, work experience, emotional regulation, and social interactions.
  • Recognize the campus resources available for academic, social, physical, and emotional well-being.  
  • Understand and articulate academic, social, and personal strengths.
  • Develop effective strategies pertaining to prioritizing, setting realistic short-term goals, and creating a step-by-step plan in achieving those goals.


1. Student completes a Student Intake Questionnaire and the parent/guardian completes a Parent/Guardian Intake Questionnaire.  Both questionnaires should be returned to Deanna Knapp, Assistant Director.

Click here for the Student Participant Intake Questionnaire

Click here for the Parent/Guardian Intake Questionnaire

2. Students who choose to participate will meet weekly with a DRC staff member to focus on areas such as academic and social growth.  The DRC staff member will utilize various materials during their meeting with the student to keep a record of the student's progress throughout the semester.

3. An interim progress report at midterms (mid-October) will be sent to the student and parent/guardian.  The interim progress report will be discussed with the student during a scheduled meeting.  The report will contain information such as resources the student utilized (e.g. DRC Services; other campus departments); strategies developed; and recommendations for the remainder of the academic semester.

4. A final progress report at the end of the semester will be sent to the student and parent/guardian with updated details on the information noted in the interim progress report.

Please contact the DRC at 845-257-3020 for further information.