Disability Resource Center

Compass Program

Program Description:

The Compass Program provides individualized and group services for DRC students who have a documented disability that lies on the Autism Spectrum. Students can choose to focus on building a variety of skills based on their own individual, academic and personal goals.        

Services included in the Compass Program:

            -Individual, weekly coaching with a DRC staff member

            -Social skills group

            -Peer mentor support

            -Academic and social workshops

            -Access to additional transitional support


Program Goals:

1. To provide a comprehensive system of support for students who are transitioning to SUNY New Paltz by promoting academic, social and personal growth.

2. To allow students to explore their academic, social and personal strengths and challenges by reflecting on past experiences in a supportive environment.

3. To facilitate the students’ development of effective strategies pertaining to prioritizing, setting realistic goals, and creating plans to achieve those goals.

4. To improve the academic success and retention of students on the Autism Spectrum at SUNY New Paltz.


Program Details:

  • Students can apply to be in the Compass Program by filling out the Compass Program Student Application. The student should also designate a Compass Program Supporter (i.e. parent/guardian, family member, coach, etc.) that will be available to support them through their transition to New Paltz. Compass Program Supporters will also need to fill out the Compass Program Supporter Application.
  • Students who apply for the Compass Program are eligible for individualized support services which focus on academic and social growth. DRC staff members will utilize various materials to keep a record of the student’s progress throughout the semester.
  • An interim progress report at midterms will be sent to the student to review their transition to New Paltz. The report will contain information such as resources the student utilized (e.g. DRC services; other campus departments); strategies developed; and recommendations for the remainder of the academic semester. (Compass Program Supporters can also obtain a copy of this report at the student’s request).
  • A final progress report will be sent to the student and Compass Program Supporter at the end of the semester with updated details on the information noted in the interim progress report and recommendations for the following semester.


Application Requirements:

Qualified applicants to the Compass Program must be registered with the Disability Resource Center.

An application to the Compass Program will be considered complete when the following information has been submitted by August 15th:    

  • Compass Program Student Application (to be completed by the student)
  • Compass Program Supporter Application (to be completed by a parent/guardian or coach)


For questions about the Compass Program, please contact:


“If something is within the compass of someone, it is within their limitations or abilities” -Collins