Disability Resource Center

Autism Support Services

This program is made possible thanks to the SUNY New Paltz Foundation, Inc., with generous support from the Kressner Family Autism Support Program (KASP)


"Find your direction" 

Compass Support Services provides services for DRC students who have a documented disability that lies on the Autism Spectrum. Students can choose to focus on building a variety of skills based on their own individual, academic and personal goals. It is a voluntary program that can help students to find their way at New Paltz.   


“If something is within the compass of someone, it is within their limitations or abilities” -Collins 

Compass Goals: 

  1. To provide a comprehensive system of support for students who are transitioning to SUNY New Paltz by promoting academic, social and personal growth.
  2. To allow students to explore their academic, social and personal strengths and challenges by reflecting on past experiences in a supportive environment.
  3. To facilitate the students’ development of effective strategies pertaining to prioritizing, setting realistic goals, and creating plans to achieve those goals.
  4. To improve the academic success and retention of students on the Autism Spectrum at SUNY New Paltz.

1-1 Weekly Learning Support Meetings

As part of the Compass program, students are invited to meet with a DRC learning support specialist for 1-1 weekly or bi-weekly meetings to obtain support, develop effective strategies for executive functioning and academic skills, navigate campus resources and maintain connection with a support system while transitioning to campus and life away from home.

College Connections Group

A weekly discussion group for students on the Autism Spectrum to share experiences and develop community

Jobs for Juniors

This program provides supportive, inclusive on-campus internship opportunities to neurodivergent 3rd year (junior) students. In collaboration with the Career Resource Center, the DRC provides campus departments with training to support diverse student mentorship to access the unique strengths and contributions of Neurodivergent student workers. The program aims to assist in recognition of strengths outside of the classroom environment. the development of student employment skills & “soft skills” such as communication, completing directives, working within organizational norms, building confidence in abilities, etc. Students are invited to apply for these paid positions and work 40 hours over the course of the semester to earn a stipend and valuable experiences to support the transition to employment.

As part of compass support services, students can register for the following credit bearing courses:

Transition to College

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to help students learn and develop the skill set to navigate and succeed in college level courses. Emphasis on social and academic skill building including study skills, note-taking, group presentations, public speaking, setting goals and breaking down assignments.

Quotes From Students

"The professor helped me navigate many aspects of college and being away from home, and be more independent. I also learned to advocate for myself more. I feel this course was pretty helpful for me, personally and it ended up being pretty fun, too. To be honest, it was a fulfilling course I had a great time in this course."
"The instructor fostered an environment where everyone felt and home and felt like friends and family. It was a great class and I encourage other freshmen to take this class when possible."

Transition to Employment

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to help students learn and develop the skill set to start preparing for the transition to employment. Emphasis on skill building including interviewing and networking as well as, resume/cover letter creation. Students will do self- assessment work to understand their strengths and interests and how this translates to the workplace.

Quotes From Students

"Before I took this class I was really worried about joining the workforce, I was scared as well as overwhelmed by the thought of having to get a job. In the past I have had some really horrible experiences with searching for and applying for jobs, this class was very helpful for me and I feel much more prepared for my transition into a career"

Support the Kressner Autism Spectrum Program (KASP) Fund

To learn more about the KASP Fund or to give to the fund please visit here.

For questions about the Compass Support Services contact Emi DiSciullo


To apply for the compass program, please click on the links available below:

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