Psychological Counseling Center

Outreach Services

In addition to providing services to students who come to the Psychological Counseling Center, the PCC also reaches out to the campus community through programs and workshops which promote personal growth and provide education. Recently, campus programs and workshops have been offered on depression and suicide, sexual assault, time management, anxiety, social anxiety, and identity issues. These programs are open to the campus community and free of charge. Please contact us at 845-257-2920 if you would like to request a workshop for your campus group. PCC staff members routinely collaborate with other departments to develop outreach programs.

PCC staff provide semi-annual training to Resident Assistants (RAs) to support their response to New Paltz students. PCC staff also provide informational and educational workshops and discussion sessions to Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students, and in Residence Halls upon request.

PCC staff coordinate a Residence Hall Liaison program, which partners PCC senior counselors with Residence Hall Directors (RDs) to enhance communication and provide consultation and programming support for the specific needs of each Residence Hall. 

Please contact the PCC at 845-257-2920 to speak with a staff member about developing an outreach program for your campus group.