Co-Curricular Transcript Program

Instructions for Student Clubs


For Residence Hall Student Organizations:

Experiences are already listed in the Co-Curricular Transcript and your hall director will verify those submissions and requests. Hall directors also have the ability to submit new positions/roles for these groups via


For Fraternities and Sororities:

Experiences are already listed in the Co-Curricular Transcript based on the chapter rosters submitted to the Center for Student Engagement. Only recognized chapters are listed. The Center for Student Engagement staff will verify those submissions and requests.


For Student Association Clubs and Organizations:

  • Your student club leadership roles and titles are only added to the Co-Curricular Transcript once we receive a CCT Club Verification Form Spring 2022 Update. Please complete this form and submit it to the Center for Student Engagement in Student Union 211 or via email at
  • The Center for Student Engagement will use the Student Club Verification Roster when a request is made to add the experience to a student’s transcript. The form should be completed annually.
  • If your club does have a committed faculty/staff adviser employed by SUNY New Paltz, a Student Club Verification Roster is not required. Please direct the advisor to add club roles in the Co-Curricular Transcript on (Employee Resources/ Submit Co-Curricular Transcript Experience)



  • The club must designate which students have earned a designated status that demonstrates commitment and leadership associated with the club.
  • A “general member” status will not be permitted in the Co-Curricular Transcript as attending meetings does not demonstrate significant personal development and growth.
  • However, you could consider the following options for non-executive board member roles:
    • Competition Team Member (those members who were selected from auditions and/or other selection processes to perform/travel with the squad for competitions, etc.)
    • Cast Member (those members selected to perform with the cast)
    • Varsity Squad Player (those members that have been selected to compete on the traveling team of a club sport).
    • XYZ Committee Chair/Member (if students are able to participate and serve in committee roles of your group, please list specific committees)
    • Voting Member (those members that have attending enough meetings to earn voting status for elections and other important club decisions – this status should be clearly listed in written documents of the club such as a constitution, by-laws, etc.)
  • The above are suggestions only. Your group may define another title as appropriate, but please remember that the listing should designate commitment and growth potential for the associated members.