Co-Curricular Transcript Program

Student Learning Outcomes


In partnership with the Career Resource Center, we have identified the following list of desirable skills and outcomes that you may gain from the experiences you have outside the classroom. These skills and outcomes are ones that employers are looking for in their candidates. Use the Co-Curricular Transcript as a tool to help you become the most well-rounded candidate. For individual guidance and consultation, please contact the Career Resource Center for an appointment at 845-257-3265.


Cognitive Skills: Engaged in informed debate, principled dissent, critical thinking/analysis, problem solving, and acceptance/appreciation of multiple perspectives.

Communication Skills: Engaged in activities which improved my verbal, non-verbal, and listening skills. (May also include marketing and promotion experience.)

Computer and Technology Skills: Increased my information literacy through interaction with software, databases, audio/visual technology, and other technologies.

Cultural Knowledge: Developed and engaged in a deeper understanding of global communities and cultures other than my own.


Ethical Reasoning: Made ethical decisions regarding the best interest of the group and greater community without trying to advance one's own agenda.


Leadership Skills: Improved my ability to lead, interact, represent, and inspire others, as well as, the ability to delegate and provide critical feedback to members of a group.


Financial Management: Improved my knowledge and experience with managing/planning budgets and finances.


Reading and Writing Proficiency: Increased my ability to read and interpret literature/documents to increase knowledge in a subject area; increased my ability to write proficiently without spelling, grammar, or comprehension errors.


Social Responsibility: Developed an awareness and commitment to social justice, civic engagement, personal responsibility and equitable treatment of others.


Teamwork: Formed mature, respectful, professional and collaborative relationships with others. Worked with a group of people for an extended period and developed the ability to trust and be trusted for the common goal of the team.


From the skills and outcomes the campus verifier has permitted, you will be able to select the top five skills and outcomes you believe that you have learned from the experience to be listed on the Co-Curricular Transcript. For questions about the Co-Curricular Transcript program, please stop by the Center for Student Engagement in Student Union 211, or call 845-257-3025.