Co-Curricular Transcript Program

Types of Activities


Academic Related Experiences: List your academically geared experiences such as research. Please note: These experiences must take place on campus and must be verifiable by a college faculty member. You can also list study abroad experience.

Campus Committee Membership: Ideal if you were a student representative on a council or committee with any academic or administrative group of the college.

Community Service: For experiences you were involved in with campus-sponsored community service or other volunteerism. Service conducted with outside agencies cannot be included in the college Co-Curricular Transcript program.

Honors and Awards: Examples would include department or club awards, inductions into honor societies, or other types of recognition and accolades you received from the college.

Leadership Activities:Specifically designated for paraprofessional positions, mentoring experiences, or other non-club-based experiences in which you had a leadership role or training.

Performances and Shows: For college sponsored theatre, dance, or art exhibits in which you were featured or held a key role.

Student Government and Organizations: For all experiences and leadership roles you held in any student governing body, club, organization, troupe, chapter, or honor society.