Asian Studies

Double Majors

A double major with Asian Studies complements a wide variety of fields, providing an area focus for students pursuing degrees in Anthropology, Art History, History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, and other disciplines. Additionally, students in the Business and Education professions find the minor in Asian Studies beneficial in demonstrating a familiarity with the Asia-Pacific region.

Students with interests in Asia are encouraged to consult with the Asian Studies Program Director, as well as a faculty advisor in the other relevant department, to plan and coordinate requirements effectively for a double major or minor, General Education, and possible study abroad.

Many of the courses listed with Asian Studies also fulfill electives and requirements for other majors and minors. For students interested in pursuing a double major and minor, check the plans of study for those fields that interest you, as many fields permit some overlap of courses with Asian Studies.

Double majors must show at minimum a 15-credit difference between the two Major Plans. For students with a minor, at least half of the credits in the minor must not be contained within the program plan of the Asian Studies major.

A limited number of overlapping courses provides a valuable bridge between two fields of study.