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Records & Registration

Current New Paltz Student registration information

Registration Process

To avoid delays for registration, students should not wait until the last minute to:

  • Address account “holds” as listed in my.newpaltz.edu > General > Holds
  • Check progress reports to determine outstanding requirements
  • Develop a schedule with several options. Check the 8 semester plan for assistance
  • Meet with advisor and receive electronic registration clearance

Students can find the current schedule here

For registration dates and deadlines, refer to the academic calendar

Students time assignments are posted in my.newpaltz.edu > registration > time assignmentsTime assignments are based upon earned credits as listed on the New Paltz transcript and cannot be changed.  Registration times are prioritized, with the highest earned credits receiving the earliest registration times.

Records & Registration will not change a student time assignment, lift account holds or provide registration clearance.

More on clearance to register