All varsity athletes must undergo an evaluation by the Student Health Center to be cleared to participate in varsity athletics. This evaluation includes a detailed medical history, and physical examination separate from that recorded on the student's pre-enrollment health report. The Athletics office is responsible for scheduling these evaluations for all  varsity participants.


Students must be cleared by the Student Health Center to participate in their professional semester/student teaching assignment. The Student Teaching Office sends us a list of student teaching candidates prior to every semester. Students on these lists are notified several months in advance by our office of the steps they need to take to complete the process and be cleared medically for student teaching. These steps usually include the gathering of information that is missing from their Student Health Center record. The missing information may include a current, satisfactory pre-enrollment health report performed by their personal medical provider, all necessary immunization information, tuberculosis screening, and health history information. Once this information is received and determined to be acceptable, the Office for Student Teaching is notified that the candidate is cleared to participate in student teaching.