Career Presentations

Sessions presented in response to departmental requests/needs, including:

  • day/evening talks by Career Resource Center staff;
  • "Don't Cancel that Class!": a program through which a Career Resource Center staff member can fill-in with a presentation on Career Resource Center services, career choices or interest/skill assessment;
  • arrangements for alumni and/or professionals to come and speak to a class/student group about career possibilities in programs co-sponsored with academic departments and/or student organizations.

Research service for career-related information

Specific information can be gathered about any career-related area. Requested projects may include:

  • resource lists, employment trend data and graduate program searches;
  • major/department-specific information from graduate follow-up surveys.

Resources materials/articles/handouts

Targeted materials can be developed for a range of needs, including:

  • information on specific and transferable skills developed in majors and how they relate to world of work;
  • contributions to departmental publications such as handbooks, newsletters and brochures

Examples of presentations/resources include:

  • "Writing a Marketing Resume"
  • "Careers in Economics"
  • "Finding a Job in Teaching"
  • "Getting Experience: Summer Jobs, Internships, Co-op"
  • "Applying to Graduate School"
  • "Funding Sources for Graduate Study Reference List"

Support for academic advisement

Faculty advising undeclared students and/or declared students with career-related questions can refer them to the Career Resource Center to take advantage of services, including:

  • individual counseling; skill/interest assessment/testing

Fieldwork opportunities for students

Support for faculty seeking to offer opportunities for students to get first-hand, career-related information and experience includes:

  • listings of internship/co-op/summer/volunteer positions;
  • assistance in locating and developing appropriate opportunities;
  • help for students with all aspects of the application process.

Services to Students

We encourage faculty to refer students to the Career Resource Center ad early as possible in their time at The College to learn how to make the most effective use of our services, including:


Faculty and staff have the opportunity to add their connections and internship/ job postings to our database. Please call the office at 845-257-3265 to have us assist you with posting.