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Injury/Illness Emergency

If you feel your illness/injury is an EMERGENCY call University Police Department (UPD) 845-257-2222 on campus (or 911).  If you live off-campus call 911.  On-campus UPD will speak to the student and call an Ambulance to evaluate the student and transport them to an emergency room if indicated.

Your illness/injury may be URGENT and need to be dealt with before Student Health Service reopens.  In this case you may need to go to one of the facilities listed on the Student Health Service web page  Transportation for this type of visit is usually by private vehicle or taxi.  This form of transportation will be less costly than an ambulance.  Even in an emergency an ambulance will require payment or insurance copayment.

Some illnesses/injuries CAN WAIT until Student Health Service next opens.  If you’re not sure whether your problem is urgent or can wait, call the Student Health Service number 845-257-3400 which will connect you to an answering service.  The answering service will call the on-call physician and they will speak with you.  If they recommend waiting they may also be able to recommend some symptomatic treatment to make you more comfortable.

Emergency Transportation Information


Student Health Service 845-257-3400

Fall and Spring Semester

Open: Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

          Saturday - 12noon to 3:45pm

Summer and Intersession

Open: Monday – Friday 8am to 3:45pm

Mental Health Emergency

The Psychological Counseling Center (PCC) provides 24/7 access for urgent concerns/consultation during the academic year when classes are in session. If you are concerned about a student:

  • Call the PCC at 845-257-2920 during the weekdays 8:30AM-5:00PM and 8:00AM - 4:00PM during Winter /Summer intercession.
  • For after hour emergencies the same number (845-257-2920) will take you to an answering service and connect you with the counselor on call.
  • Students wishing to speak with a trained student volunteer about suicidal thoughts, depression, relationships, roommates, substance abuse, academic and other issues can call OASIS at 845-257-4945 or walk-in at Deyo Hall G13c from 8 pm – 1 am when classes are in session
  • Students wishing to speak with a trained student volunteer about sexual assault, unwanted sexual experience and relationship violence call HAVEN at 845-257-4930 or walk in at Deyo Hall G13c from 8 pm – 1 am when classes are in session

The PCC welcomes calls from any concerned individual in or outside of the college community witnessing our students in apparent distress. Phone calls and in-person consultation services with those who are concerned about a student are a regular part of PCC's responsibility to the university community.  PCC values a proactive approach in maintaining a safe living and learning community

For information on frequently asked questions visit and click on the FAQ menu on the left that best suits your needs as a family member, friend or faculty/staff.

When a family member, faculty/staff, or friend contacts the PCC with concerns about a student, the PCC staff will make recommendations as to how to speak with the student, and how to refer to the PCC. In most situations like this, the PCC staff member acts as a consultant to the person calling, helping that person respond more effectively to the student of concern.

If your concern is that a student is engaging in behaviors that may be a risk for harm to self or others, PCC staff will immediately follow-up by activating its emergency protocol for reaching out to the student and providing the necessary support. 

Sexual Assault and Domestic/Dating Violence

If you are the victim of a sexual assault or domestic/dating violence and need immediate assistance dial 911. Additional sexual assault or domestic/dating violence resources can be found at To report a sexual assault or domestic/dating violence incident or to learn more about Title IX procedures and resources see

Psychological Counseling Center 845-257-2920

Fall and Spring Semester

Open: Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm       

Summer and Intersession

Open: Monday – Friday 8am to 4:00pm

Shelter-in-Place/Emergency Lockdown

Shelter-in-Place/Emergency Lockdown SUNY New Paltz Student Emergency Response Plan Procedures:

  • Close classroom and other doors, barricade and/or lock, if possible.
  • Close windows and window treatments.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Everyone is to remain quiet and not enter hallways.
  • If an Emergency Lockdown has been sounded, and should the fire alarm sound, do NOT evacuate the building unless: You have first-hand knowledge that there is a fire in the building, or You have been advised by University Police, Fire Department, or Environmental Health & Safety to evacuate the building, or There is imminent danger in the immediate area.
  • Crouch down in areas that are out of sight from doors and windows.
  • Students in hallways are to seek shelter in the nearest classroom or office.
  • Students in outdoor areas should immediately take cover.

UPD will advise when students, faculty & staff will be released from a Shelter-in-Place. This will depend solely on when police determine the situation is safe to do so.

For more information on Active Shooter procedures see

Other Emergencies

See The Student Emergency Response Plan

To Receive Alerts

For emergency cancellations and delays

Overall Plan

(for use by administrators, University Police and members of the Emergency Response Team)