Mid-Hudson Teacher Center

Our Staff

MHTC is housed at SUNY New Paltz, in Old Main Building Room 223
To contact us please email mhtc@newpaltz.edu  or call 845-257-2885
Our office is open Monday through Thursdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Office Staff
Director:  JoAnn Murphy-Genter  murphygj@newpaltz.edu
Assistant Director:  Paul Rubeo  rubeop@newpaltz.edu
Administrative Aide:  Jessica Young  mhtc@newpaltz.edu

Project Managers
Cassie Horton:  Technology Integration and STEAM  chorton@mhtc.newpaltz.edu
Dr. Terri Hatfield:  Safe and Supportive Schools  thatfield@mhtc.newpaltz.edu
Mathew Swerdloff:  Higher Education Programs   swerdlom@newpaltz.edu
Tamara Natoli: Humanities tnatoli@mhtc.newpaltz.edu
Samrat Pathania: Science and Sustainability samratpathania@protonmail.com

Project Manager Spotlight

Dr. Terri Hatfield describes her work as a MHTC Project Manager