Department of Mathematics

GE III Math Requirements


All students are required to take one course in Mathematics beyond what is considered high school mathematics (NYS Regents Course B or equivalent). All courses that meet the Math requirement have prerequisite of MPL 3 or higher. A student with Math Placement Level 1 or 2 (or 3 if in the Math/Science Track) will be required to take a preparatory course before taking a course to meet the requirement.

Preparatory Courses:

Math/Science Track
Students intending to pursue majors in Math, Science, Computer Science, Engineering, or Business that need a preparatory course should take:

If your MPL is:TakeCourse #
1 College Algebra with Supp. Workshop or MAT152 (designated sections) +
2 or 3 College Algebra MAT152

(A C- in either of these courses will give an MPL 4)

Non-Math Track
Students intending to pursue majors in the Arts and Humanities that need a preparatory course may opt to take College Mathematics (MAT151) instead of College Algebra.

(A C- in College Math will give an MPL 3)

Courses that meet the MATH GE III requirement:

Prerequisite MPL 
3 Graphs and Optimization MAT182
3 Intro to Math Modeling MAT183
3 Elements of Geometry MAT184
3 Statistics and Public Policy MAT185
3 Infinity and Infinite Processes MAT186
Math for Elem. Teach II (prereq 64140) MAT240
3 Psychological Statistics (not for freshmen) PSY275
3 Social Statistics (not for freshmen) SOC307
3 Semantics LIN365
4 Pre-calculus MAT181 (results in MPL 5)
4 Basic Calculus MAT245 (results at MPL 5)
4 Intro to Stats MAT241 (remain at MPL 4)
4 Business Stats BUS309 (remain at level 4) (not for freshmen)
4 Symbolic Logic PHI201 (remain at level 4)

Courses will be added to these lists every semester so check the current schedule.

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Brief Descriptions of GE III Math Courses


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