Fire Safety - Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Permit Requests

Hot work and Impairment Permit Requests

Instruction: Please read the instructions carefully before submitting your request. Permit requests can be submitted through the Survey123 form below. 

Requests must be submitted by the SUNY Project Manager, Director/Associate Director of Facility Operations, or the department chair. Those submitting permit requests must be knowledgable about the following SUNY New Paltz programs and policies: 

Any scheduled shutdowns/hot work cannot begin without approval from the Office of Emergency Management to ensure compliance with building codes, reduce hazards associated with hot work, and avoid accidental activation of the fire alarm system. Person(s) performing hot work must await confirmation that necessary impairments are in place prior to work starting each day.

Normal hours for shutdowns are Monday to Friday, non-holidays, between 8:00 AM and 3:45 PM. Any requests outside of these core hours will still be considered, but are dependent on staff availability. Any requests outside of the core hours must document reasons for the requested hours in the "additional comments” section of the form. Over time fees may be charged to the department/contractor for any requests outside of core hours.

Additional instructions include: 

  • Approved permits must be available at the job site with building permits, hot work permits, etc. A printout of the approval notification will satisfy this requirement.
  •  Any shutdown or hot work request requires 72 business hours notice to process. It is the responsibility of the requesting entity to submit permit requests within the stated timeframe. Any request without sufficient notice will be denied.
  • Damage to fire alarm devices will be the responsibility of the person/company performing work.
  • If dust is created from the project, the area must be adequately ventilated before the fire alarm system can be returned to service.
  • When dust is involved, smoke and heat heads must be covered, even when devices are disabled. Acceptable coverings include powder free latex gloves, shower caps, or painters’ tape. Do not use Duct tape!
  • Persons/entities/organizations deemed by OEM to be causing nuisance/false alarm activations due to noncompliance with fire alarm shutdown guidelines may be subject to a STOP WORK ORDER, or removal from the site.


After reviewing these instructions, requesters can utilize the Hot work and Fire Alarm Shutdown Request Form to notify Emergency Management officials of upcoming work.