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Fire Safety

Fire Alarm Activations

In addition to insuring that staff are aware of the proper procedures in case of the need to evacuate buildings, we are required to perform fire drills in each building a few times a year by the NYS Office of Fire Prevention. These drills cannot be announced in advance. Every sounding of the fire alarm must be considered and handled as an actual fire.

When the fire alarm sounds, ALL INDIVIDUALS (faculty, staff, students and visitors) are to immediately leave the building by the nearest exit and move away from the building. Elevators are not to be used. Individuals that are unable to descend the stairs are to enter the nearest stairwell where they will be assisted by emergency personnel.

It is not OK to:

  • Assume that this "is only a drill" and not immediately exit the building
  • Remain in the building wearing ear plugs
  • Argue with emergency personnel about leaving the building or other matters

Staff that refuse to comply may be subject to disciplinary action.