Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Task Force Membership - No Longer Active

Note: Task Force is no longer active.

  • Rita Celariste, Assistant Director, Educational Opportunity Program (co-chair)
  • Reynolds Scott-Childress, Assistant Professor, History Department (co-chair)
  • Niza Cardona, Director, Student Accounts
  • Christopher Farrington, Student
  • Nazareth Garrido-McNair, Student
  • Kenneth Goldstein, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Theatre Arts
  • Azer Khan, Student
  • Lisa Kozlowski, Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources
  • Julie Majak, Assistant Vice President for Administration
  • John McEnrue, Director of Facilities Design and Construction
  • Tanhena Pacheco Dunn, Executive Director of Campus Climate and Compliance, Chief Diversity Officer-designate
  • Andrea Paredes, Student
  • Jessica Purcell, Advisor, Educational Opportunity Program
  • Connie Perdreau, Director, English as a Second Language, International Programs
  • Steven Posada, Alumni Relations Officer and New Paltz alumnus
  • Elizabeth Reyes, Transfer Advisor, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Mary Ritayik, Deputy Chief, University Police Department
  • Rebecca Rodriguez, Coordinator, Institute for Disaster Mental Health
  • Anne Roschelle, Professor, Sociology
  • Jonathan Rust, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Anthony Winn, Sr. Staff Assistant and Adjunct Lecturer, Black Studies; Chair, Alumni Council