Undergraduate Programs

The New Paltz Department of Biology offers three major options that focus on the undergraduate student.  The BA degree often connotes a broad Liberal Arts background. Students opting for the BA often are oriented toward careers in which a broad Biology background is useful (e.g., Law, Public Policy, Environmental Advocacy and Medicine). The BS often connotes more depth in the field and is appropriate for students considering graduate school and/or research careers, requiring specialization within a sub-discipline of biology and more rigorous cognate science requirements.

Please refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalog for requirements for a major in Biology. Click here for changes to the program in Fall 2019.

Research in Biology

Up to four credits of independent study can be used to fulfill upper-division major electives.  Students interested in independent study should review the research profiles of faculty in Biology, and discuss opportunities with faculty as early as possible in their academic careers.

Health Professions

For more information about  preparation for careers in health-related fields (Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Physician's Assistants, Physical Therapy, etc.) at SUNY New Paltz, see the Pre-Health Careers Advising Webpage.  Depending on your major, you may need to take additional courses (beyond your minimum major requirements) that professional schools wish to see completed by applicants.

Programs in Education

The Biology Department also supports the undergraduate degree programs in Secondary Education and Elementary Education.

Lecture Series Requirement

Students majoring in Biology are required to attend six Biology-related seminars during the course of their education. 

Minor in Biology

Students may minor in Biology by completing General Biology I and II (BIO201 & BIO202) and ten additional Biology course credits, chosen in consultation with their advisor.