Admission to Major

Acceptance as a major in business is based on overall academic performance and on performance in selected courses. Details of admissions criteria may be obtained from the Office of the School of Business.

Business Core Curriculum (all Business majors): 40 credits

The School of Business offers six undergraduate degree programs: Accounting, Finance, General Business, International Business, Marketing, and Management.  Students in each Business major must complete a 40-credit core curriculum consisting of the following courses, in which a minimum grade of C- is required for credit toward the major (with the exception noted below):

ECO206 Microeconomics (3)
ECO207 Macroeconomics (3)
BUS093 Business Workshop (0)
BUS201 Financial Accounting (3) - NOTE: Accounting majors must earn at least C+ in BUS201.
BUS202 Managerial Accounting (3)
BUS215 Business Decision Support Systems (3)
BUS250 Principles of Management (3)
BUS271 Legal Environment of Business (3)
BUS301 Internship & Career Practicum (1)
BUS309 Statistics for Business and Economics I (3)
BUS311 Statistics for Business and Economics II (3)
BUS312 Operations Management (3)
BUS325 Marketing (3)
BUS341 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (3)
BUS450 Strategic Management (3)

Building on this core curriculum, students in each of the six majors complete specialized courses, as detailed below. A minimum grade of C- is required for credit toward the major.

Accounting: 24 credits (Total credits: 64)

Required Accounting courses ........................... 24 credits

BUS272 Business Law for Accountants (3)
BUS368 Intermediate Accounting I (3)
BUS369 Intermediate Accounting II (3)
BUS371 Concepts in Federal Income Taxation (3)
BUS373 Cost Accounting (3)
BUS375 Auditing (3)
BUS441 Financial Management and Policy (3)
BUS442 Advanced Accounting (3)

Finance: 21 credits (Total credits: 61)

Required Finance courses ............................... 21 credits

BUS441 Financial Management and Policy (3)
BUS443 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (3)
BUS445 International Financial Management (3)
BUS447 Personal Financial Planning (3)
BUS459 Introduction to Risk Management & Derivatives (3)
ECO303 Money and Banking (3)

One of the following upper-division Accounting electives:
BUS368 Intermediate Accounting I (3)
BUS371 Concepts in Federal Income Taxation (3)
BUS373 Cost Accounting (3)

General Business: 21 credits (Total credits: 61)

Required General Business courses .................. 21 credits

One upper-division course must be taken from each of the following areas:

  • Finance (3)
  • International Business (3)
  • Management (3)
  • Marketing (3)
  • Three elective courses (9 credits) - Students may select electives from the above-mentioned areas (assuming s/he has not taken that particular course to satisfy some other requirement) or from the following four categories (assuming s/he meets all prerequisite requirements):
    • Accounting
    • Economics
    • Independent Study: Students may contact faculty in the School of Business to undertake independent study
    • Internship: Students may contact the Director of Business Advising to arrange for an internship and to determine the number of credits applied.

International Business: 21-22 credits (Total credits: 61-62)

Required International Business courses ............. 21-22 credits

BUS346 International Business (3)
BUS430 International Marketing (3)
BUS431 International Management (3)
BUS445 International Financial Management (3)
Foreign Language at Intermediate Level or two area study courses (6)

One of the following:
POL227 Introduction to International Politics (4)
CMM359 Communication Among Cultures (3)
300-level Study Abroad course, chosen by advisement and with the permission of the Dean of the School of Business (3)

Management: 18 credits (Total credits: 58)

Required Management courses .......................... 18 credits

BUS321 Organizational Behavior (3)
BUS322 Organization Theory (3)
BUS345 Human Resource Management (3)
BUS346 International Business (3)

Two of the following upper-division Management electives:
BUS454 Motivation and Work Behavior (3)
BUS455 Workplace Aggression and Counterproductive Behavior (3)
BUS456 Human Resource/Organizational Behavior Applications (3)

Marketing: 21 credits (Total credits: 61)

Required Marketing courses ............................... 21 credits

BUS326 Consumer Behavior (3)
BUS327 Sales Management (3)
BUS346 International Business (3)
BUS360 Electronic Commerce (3)
BUS425 Marketing Research (3)
BUS427 Advertising Strategy (3)
BUS429 Marketing Strategy (3)