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photo collage of van den Berg Hall, the clock tower, Dean Hadi Salavitabar, and undergraduate student Jumpei Onozuka

Corporation Collaboration

We can help your business!


The Business Institute (TBI) puts the school's skills and knowledge to work for local businesses. TBI engages faculty and students with the business community by performing consulting, research, workshops, corporate training and executive roundtable projects. To discuss what TBI can do for you, please contact Professor Rief Kanan, Director of TBI, at (845) 257-2936 or, or visit their website.  


Through this Contest, teams of students research and develop business plans that are feasible, profitable and innovative. You can benefit from the students' service and fresh ideas by submitting an idea for a new business that students can develop into a solid business plan. And/or, you can have the satisfaction of helping to mold the next generation of business leaders by mentoring a team as they create a business plan. For more information, please contact Lori Nutting, Assistant to the Dean, at (845) 257-2932 or visit the Business Plan Contest website.  


Our students can help you! Do you have an idea for a class project? Let us know. We offer a wide variety of courses in accounting, finance, management, marketing and international businesses. Please contact the main office at (845) 257-2930 for more information.


You can help our students become successful business professionals!


Provide an internship. Interns can be a dynamic and profitable addition to your organization. Not only are most interns highly motivated and quick learners; they can also breathe new life into a company in the form of fresh ideas and familiarity with the latest business trends. The key to a successful internship is to provide a challenging and productive work assignment for the intern. Please contact Christine Daly, School of Business Senior Career Counselor, at (845) 257-2381 or for more information.


Become a mentor. Mentors are invaluable. They provide support, encouragement and guidance. The School of Business mentor program links students to business professionals and assists students to achieve their educational and career goals with the help of a mentor. For more information, please contact Lori Nutting, Assistant to the Dean, at (845) 257-2932.


Take a student to work day. We connect students with businesses who are willing to have a student come and spend a day with them. The student will shadow a CEO or management level person as part of a career exploration project. Please contact Lori Nutting, Assistant to the Dean, at (845) 257-2932 for more information.


Speak to one of our student associations. Facilitate a workshop at one of their conferences. Allow our students to act as your consultants on a project. Have any other ideas? Let us know. Please contact Lori Nutting, Assistant to the Dean, at (845) 257-2932 for more information.