French, elementary education - major plan - SUNY New Paltz

French, elementary education - major plan

Elementary Education (Pre-K-6) - Code: 635 (30-39 total credits)

Basic Language courses (9 credits)
FRN101 Elementary French 1
FRN102 Elementary French 2
FRN201 Intermediate French 1

Required courses (30 credits)
FRN202 Intermediate French 2
FRN301 Composition and Conversation 1
FRN302 Composition and Conversation 2
FRN319 French Civilization
FRN320 Francophone Cultures
FRN375 French Literature to 1800
FRN376 French & Franc. Lit. after 1800
One of the following:
FRN401 Advanced Composition and Conversation 1
FRN402 Advanced Composition and Conversation 2

Courses should be taken in progressive sequence.