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Educational Studies & Leadership

Humanistic/Multicultural Education


The Educational Studies and Leadership Department of the State University of New York at New Paltz offers a Masters degree in Professional Studies in Humanistic/Multicultural Education. The 30-credit General Program is designed for human service, not-for-profit, and higher education professionals and K-12 educators wanting a focus on multicultural education. The 36-credit Teacher Certification Sequence of the program is currently available to special subject teachers (family/consumer science, health, music, physical education or technology) who are provisionally or initially certified and are seeking permanent or professional certification. We also offer an Alternative Program for K-12 teachers seeking Professional Certification (Elementary or Secondary).



30-Credit General Program

Prospective students include those working in educational settings such as group homes, child care centers, cooperative extension services, community-based recreation and education programs, youth agencies, women’s centers, hospitals, and other human service agencies that offer educational as well as clinical services.Prospective students include those working in higher education settings in areas such as residence life, student activities, educational and career advisement, and conference services.

Prospective students also include teachers, administrators and staff. The 30-credit Program also serves K-12 teachers, administrators, and staff who are pursuing further graduate work in diversity education. The Program provides a solid ground in multicultural education for professionals in all districts and especially those working in urban settings.  It also serves educators in community colleges, private school settings and community agencies


36-Credit Teacher Certification Track for Special Subject Teachers

The program of study focuses on providing content and skills necessary for teaching the diverse student population of New York State. Geared for those who already have a strong background in their content area, this program provides teachers with effective instructional practices for actively engaging all students in developmentally appropriate and meaningful learning. Teachers graduate with knowledge and strategies to engage and challenge all students to reach their fullest potential--intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

In particular, the courses in the program address these areas: multicultural/gender fair education, cooperative learning, conflict resolution, group process, active learning, curriculum development, qualitative research and teacher leadership for innovation and change.


Alternative Program for K-12 teachers seeking Professional Certification
(Elementary or Secondary)

This option is available to teachers with Initial Elementary or Secondary Certification who are committed to a multicultural approach to teaching. Please contact a Program Adviser to discuss this option and your eligibility.


Post-Masters Certificate in Multicultural Education

The 15-credit post-masters Certificate Program is designed for those seeking to enhance their understanding and practices of multicultural education.


Professor Nancy Schniedewind 257-2827
Professor Shannon McManimon 257-2828

Completed applications are due by Oct. 15 for spring admission and April 15 for fall admission.
(Please contact the Program Coordinator for deadline extension)

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