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Students interested in the undergraduate Early Childhood & Childhood Education B-6 program are encouraged to meet with advisor Joanna Schroer by the end of their freshman year, or as soon as they know they want to enter the program, as it is highly structured and sequenced.  A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 is required.

All Early Childhood & Childhood Education students also have an academic concentration, or major.  Some concentrations have their own entrance requirements.  Faculty from the concentration department advise students on coursework in that discipline.

The Early Childhood Education & Childhood Education Advising Office maintains records which include transfer credit evaluation, independent fieldwork documentation, and fingerprint clearance. The office is also a resource for fieldwork information, certification workshops and exams, and academic program planning.

Suggested Courses for First-Year Students

Academic Concentrations (majors)

Ready to Declare?

On-Site Writing Sample

Independent Pre-program Fieldwork Form

Fingerprint Clearance

Child Abuse, SAVE & DASA workshops


Transferring credits to New Paltz


Curriculum plan of study (education courses/prerequisites and policies)

8-semester plans

Study Abroad


Student teaching (Also see the Blackboard Student Teachers community)

SUTEC (SUNY Urban Teacher Education Center)

Advising Worksheet (complete and bring to advising appointments)


NYS certification exams for B-6 candidates (summary)

NYS certification exam registration

edTPA (See the Blackboard edTPA Candidates community)


Academic Advising Center

Career Resource Center

Graduate School at New Paltz



Joanna Schroer, M.A.
Advisor, Early Childhood & Childhood Education B-6 Program

Old Main Building, Room 115A
800 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY  12561
FAX: 845-257-3575


Children are your passion, and you want to make a difference in their lives!  Our undergraduate program in Early Childhood/ Childhood Education will equip you with the knowledge, skills and experience you need.


Features of the Early Childhood/ Childhood Education B-6 program:

  • Leads to dual NYS certification in Early Childhood (birth-2nd grade), and Childhood Education (1st-6th grades)

  • Freshmen begin with EDI293 Education Seminar, which includes visits to local schools

  • Students complete 8-10 courses in a liberal arts concentration (major)

  • Students are assessed at three "checkpoints" for their readiness to continue in the program

  • Three semesters of supervised fieldwork, paired with education methods courses, lead to the student teaching semester

  • Students are responsible for transportation to fieldwork and student teaching, as well as for certification expenses (exams, workshops, fingerprint clearance)



Joanna Schroer, M.A.
Academic Advisor, Early Childhood & Childhood Education
115A Old Main
845-257-2807 phone
845-257-2846 fax


As you plan your course of study, navigate academic challenges, and transition from "student" to "teacher candidate," you will be supported by your School of Education professors and advisor.  

Your initial advisor in the Early Childhood & Childhood Education program is Joanna Schroer, who is affiliated with the Academic Advising Center.  Two or three semesters prior to graduation, you will move to a School of Education faculty advisor. 

All Education students also have a faculty advisor from their concentration discipline.  Advisors' names are noted at the top of student progress reports.

Your education advisor can help you:

  • Understand entrance requirements, and decide whether the major is right for you

  • Choose an academic concentration
  • Look into minors and study abroad

  • Evaluate education transfer credits

  • Map a plan to graduation

  • Fix any education-related problems with your progress report

  • Figure out how to improve your academic performance

  • Clarify college policies and state certification requirements

  • Explore solutions to academic-related difficulties

  • Discuss graduate school and job options