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Computer Science

Comprehensive Exam FAQ

Comprehensive Exam - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am full time graduate student of Computer Science. I am taking 3 courses for the first semester and plan to take 3 courses next semester. Can I also take the comprehensive exam next semester?
    You may take the comprehensive exam whenever you feel ready. So yes, you may take it next semester.
  2. In the past the study material for the exam was the Pascal version of the text. However, I just noticed the description mentions the C version. Has the text changed?
    Yes, effective Fall 1997, the study material will be the C version.
  3. Does the comprehensive exam include all material in the C version of the text, even if the material is not covered in the Foundations of Computer Science class?
    Although the idea of the course is to cover as much material as possible from the text, the exam and the course are independent of each other. The official exam requirements are all chapters of the C version.