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How does entering the workforce with one of the highest starting salaries for college graduates sound? With a computer science degree at New Paltz, you will learn all the fundamentals needed to be a future self-learner. With small class sizes, personal attention from renowned scholars, and collaborations with industry, every computer science student has the opportunity to work with current technology in an environment where project work and skills development are emphasized. Undergraduate research projects have included Android phone drone control, database optimization of a fantasy football website, and a creation of a mapping application for the New York/New Jersey Trails Conference. Our graduates work as software developers in a wide range of industries including currency trading, pharmaceutical research, business intelligence systems, financial markets, and more.


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Computer Science News

Brazilian Exchange Students Gear Up for a Busy Summer

SUNY New Paltz has been host this year to a group of over 25 Engineering and Science majors from a variety of Brazilian universities  as part of the  Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP).  These students are heading back to Brazil later this year but before they do, their program is funding them if they can find a summer internship here in the US.

Some of the Computer Science and Computer Engineering students have formed a group that is looking for a group-internship the the New York City area this coming summer. The students are looking for a challenge! Collectively they have a lot of experience developing commercial web sites in Brazil, project management experience and a broad range of hardware and software skills.

If your organization would be interested in working with a self-financed group of eager minds whose skills and background range from significant (for students) to somewhat but who will work as a team to complete a medium-sized project before they must return to Brazil at the end of the summer then please contact Andrew Pletch, Chair of the Department of Computer Science. He can also be reached by calling (845)257-3990.

Things you will need to worry about:

  • Coming up with a project idea.
  • Providing someone from your organization who can act as a technical supervisor to the team.
  • Meeting with team members in NYC , once or twice a week over the summer.
  • Required computing facilities other than the students' personal laptops

Things you don't need to worry about:

  • Is it legal? Yes, their visas specifically cover this planned internship experience.
  • Do the students need to be paid? No, their exchange program will cover their summer costs.
  • Will they be living in the City? Probably not. Arrangements are being made to house them in some vacant campus dorms.
  • Internet access for the students. They will use their own laptops and campus facilities for connectivity.