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 The Goal of Interviewing

  • Convince the employer that you are the best candidate for the job
  • Demonstrate that you possess the necessary skills for the position:
    • Job specific skills
    • Transferable skills
  • Personal characteristics
  • Exhibit enthusiasm, confidence, professionalism, and preparedness throughout the entire interview process!

Preparing for Interviews

  • Prepare for Typical Interview Questions:
  • Know why you’re a good candidate
  • Research
  • Prepare Answers to possible interview questions 

During the Interview 

  • Ask Questions!
  • Appropriate Mannerisms/Behaviors
    • Focus on the positives, not negatives
    • Show positive body language
    • Make eye contact
  • Making a positive impression

Post Interview: Follow up! - Send a thank-you letter within 24-48 hours of the interview

Illegal Interview Questions

Interviewers are required by law to keep questions asked job related. Charges of discrimination may result from improper or illegal interview questions.  These are interview questions that are related to a candidates: 

  • Age
  • Race, ethnicity, or color
  • Gender or Sex
  • Country of national origin or birth place
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Marital or family status or pregnancy 

For more information on Interviewing access our tip sheet

Access our Negotiating your Salary and Benefits tip sheet for information on:

  • Deciding on expected salary range, initial salary research, 
  • Researching Geographic Differences in Salary Offers
  • Benefits
  • Discussing benefits and salary with employers