Certification in the State of New York

New York State has two levels of teacher certification: Initial and Professional.

The Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts Education program prepares students for Initial Certification, which is effective for five years from the date of issuance.

The Master of Science in Education in Visual Arts Education (MSEd) program prepares students for Professional Certification.

Requirements for Initial Certification and Professional Certification are outlined below.

Note that certification requirements may change depending on state requirements, and so it is important to remain in contact with your Art Education advisor and plan ahead in attaining your certification requirements. It is also highly recommended that you monitor the following Web sites for further reference:

Initial Certification

During SUNY New Paltz Art Education course work, students will create a TEACH account with the New York State Education Department and obtain fingerprint clearance. Students will also need the following to satisfy certification requirements:

  • Completion of approved Visual Arts Education program course work

  • Pass New York State teacher exams
    (Specific information can be found at NYSED.gov)
  • Completion of SAVE Seminar and Child Abuse Workshop

Information about the SAVE Seminar and Child Abuse Workshop can be found on the following Web sites:

SAVE Seminar

Child Abuse Workshop

Professional Certification

Professional Certification is granted to teachers with Initial Certification in the State of New York who have completed a master's degree in an area related to Initial Certification, have completed professional development through the school district, and have three years of teaching experience. The SUNY New Paltz MSEd program satisfies the master's degree component of the New York State certification requirements.

Find out more information about Professional Certification at: NYSED.gov