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Office of Veteran & Military Services

Leave of Absence Policy: Extended Learning


Military Leave of Absence Policy (Activations, Mobilizations, Deployments, Monthly Reserve/Drill)

This policy speaks directly to those courses, programs, workshops, seminars, etc. that are offered to students for non-credit.  (A certificate of completion may be awarded to certify the student’s participation in the course/program). These types of educational initiatives can be offered within a regular academic semester, on weekends, weekdays, etc. and have varying length of instruction.  Registration, length of course/program, requirements, pricing and refund schedule are clearly indicated with promotional materials.

In the event that a participant leaves the course/program due to military obligations, depending on the length of the course/program and the amount of work still to come, the presenter and SUNY New Paltz staff will provide reasonable accommodations to make up missed work (if appropriate) with the expectation of successful completion of content.

In situations where the length of absences is detrimental to the student’s ability to successfully  complete the course/program and remain current with the coursework, it may be within the student’s interest to withdraw from the course/program with a military leave of absence from the program at no harm to the student.  A full refund would be offered to the student.

The student would be permitted to re-enter the course/program upon return to complete the required work to earn a certificate of completion (if that is offered as part of the program). If that is not possible (due to the length of the course/program), the student would be permitted to enroll in the next course/program provided that we receive adequate notice of their intention to enroll in the course/program.