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Stepping into Diversity

Stepping into Diversity
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Frequently Asked Questions


1.     Will the program participation be shown on the Co-curricular transcript?

a. Yes!

2.     What are the Requirements to apply?

a. You must be a student during the Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 academic year.

b. During the Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 academic year you CAN’T be a first-year student. If you are a first-year student now you can apply, as next semester you will be in your second year. 

3.     What exactly is the 30+ hour commitment? What does it consist of?

a. See requirements chart on main page.

b. There is an approximately 14.5 hrs. commitment for Fall 2018 and 15.5hrs commitment for Spring 2019, which will be a total of approx. 30 hrs. for the year.

c. We will also have an orientation ceremony in the Fall just to get everyone together and go over what we have planned and a graduation ceremony from the program probably in May 2019.

d. First semester consists of receiving information and second semester is more hands-on, where students get to put to practice and share what they have learned.

4.     Is this like Emerging Leaders or F.O.S.L.?

a. The program is a bit more similar to Emerging Leaders, at least the first semester. There will be an online module, workshops, and events. The second-semester students get to express what they have learned. There will be residence hall conversations and they get to present/participate in a conference held here in New Paltz. 

5.     When will it take place? When and at what time will this program meet?

a. The program will not have a specific meeting time. There will be a list of workshops and students will pick the ones that fit their schedule, same goes for the events. With the exception of a few that are on specific date and time, it is a very flexible program. If one of our mandatory events conflicts with classes just let me know and we will find a way to make it up.

6.     How can I use the skills I have gained throughout this program to apply it to any other organizations I’m currently apart of?

a. As a leader you will need to work with a diverse group of people, having an understanding of diversity will help you understand those with whom you’re working with. Having the knowledge will also help you identify any issues that your organization may have and you can then use your skills to help find a solution and educate those around you.

7.     Will there be a diverse staff assisting this program?

a. Yes! We are working to get both professors and outside speakers who are knowledgeable to present and do justice to each individual topic. That being said, if you have a professor or speaker who you really want to see give a workshop on a topic, and know will do a good job presenting on a topic that you feel passionate about please let me know!

8.     How will the process of each individual be tracked?

a. There will be a sign-in sheet at the workshops, and for the events, you will need to fill out an events reflection form and give a summary of the event and what you learned or stuck out to you. The writing is not too much just something small so we know your thoughts on it.


If you have more questions, please attend a general information meeting where we will be able to answer questions.