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Stepping into Diversity

Stepping into Diversity
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Stepping into Diversity


Stepping into Diversity is a year-long program with a focus on leadership through a lens of diversity, which helps New Paltz students build important skills and practice for engaging inclusivity on campus and beyond. We want students to be exposed to these topics of diversity and inclusion as well as practice facilitating the difficult conversations that come along with them so that they are able to advocate and make a change for themselves and others.

Throughout the academic year students, commit a total of 30hrs, which are broken down into two semesters. Where the fall semester is very passive and the spring semester involves hand on learning and allows students to put into practice and share what they have learned. The program comprises of one-hour workshops, online learning, campus events, hands-on learning, and conference preparation and participation.



  • Gain diversity skills needed to excel both
    on campus and in the competitive job market
  • Learn more about yourself and others
  • Gain conference experience
  • Your experience will be verified on your Co-Curricular Transcript and on Meritt




Section for
Fall 2018


Total Time

DiversityEDU –
Intro Module

A 1hr online interactive workshop which gives foundation to the program

1 hr.

5 Workshops

See workshop schedule (3 are offered online if needed)

5 hrs.

3 Events

3 on campus approved events relating to Diversity and Inclusion

3 hrs.

Black Solidarity Day Participation

Off-campus event (transportation & food provided)
Must be there at least half of the day approx. 4hrs

4+ hrs.

1 Conversation  One

Library conversation table on diversity & inclusion,
almost every Wednesday 4:30 – 6:00 pm


1.5 hr.



14.5 hrs.


Section for
Spring 2019


Total time

3 Training Sessions

     Training #1 – How to have difficult conversations 

Training #2 – How to present at a conference 

 Training #3 – How to nail your job interview    

3 hrs.

 Residence Hall

Students from the program will pair up with an RA to host a program in the residence hall

2 hrs.

1 Conversation One

Library conversation table on diversity & inclusion,
almost every Wednesday 4:30 – 6:00 pm at the library.

1.5 hr.

CONFERENCE Participation

**[ all must attend and participate]

Preparation for the conference: 4hrs

Attending Conference: 5hrs

9 hrs.



15.5 hrs.


                               CLICK HERE TO BECOME PART OF THE PROGRAM

If you need more information or have questions please see our frequently asked questions tab or contact:

Diana Suarez
Stepping into Diversity - Program Coordinator
State University of New York at New Paltz
Tel: (845) 257-3166
HAB 705