Safety Resources


Walk Service

The Walk Service is designed to enhance your safety on campus if you find yourself walking alone and feel uncomfortable about it. The primary goal is to enable you to travel from point to point on campus with a greater sense of security.


Sexual Assault and Violence Resources

Information and guidance for keeping our campus community safe, as well as resources for those who need to seek support or report a crime.


Child Passenger Safety Program

Child Passenger Safety Technicians are car seat experts who have taken a 40-hour class with curriculum written by NHTSA in collaboration with National CPS Board and Safe Kids Worldwide. During the class they learn the ins and outs of car seats, installation options, vehicle differences, harnessing procedures and more. They practice hands-on exercises where an instructor checks to make sure they understand what they are doing and why.

To remain a technician one must take continuing education courses, learn about new seats available on the market, show that we are actively involved in training parents and have some of our car seat installations checked by an instructor every two years.

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Pedestrian Safety

Bicycle Safety

You see flashing red lights, now what?



Active Violence / Active Shooter

This program is designed for Students and Staff to become familiar with Campus Safeguards and Notification Systems currently in place at SUNY New Paltz, Define Active Violence / Active Shooter, Recognize Common Warning Signs of Persons in Crisis, General Awareness of University Police Training and Response, and Understand Best Community Response Methods

Course Length: 1 Hour

Coffee With A Cop

The mission of Coffee with a Cop is to break down the barriers between police officers and the community they serve, building bridges and connections between the University Police and the entire community. The open and direct environment fosters community, allowing students and officers to address their visions for the community and set goals to reach that vision.

Course Length: 2 hours

"Crisis on Campus: Shots Fired."

This video-based class consists of an eight-minute training video written, produced, directed, and starring SUNY New Paltz students. It walks the student through a simulated intrusion event on the SUNY New Paltz Campus involving a weapon and shots fired. The video, followed by a round-table discussion, focuses on important safety tips along with "dos" and "don'ts" when encountering an active shooter event.

Course length: 1 hour

Domestic Partner Violence: Understanding and Prevention

The Domestic Partner Violence program was developed by the University Police Department to help students define, identify, and hopefully prevent domestic violence.

The course is designed to familiarize students with the warning signs of an abusive partner and the cycle of abuse through an interactive presentation and discussion. The course will also discuss the importance of abuser accountability and highlight the role of law enforcement, the university, and other resource groups that can provide assistance to the survivor.

Course Length: 1.5 hrs


Drug Awareness Training

The Drug Awareness Program was developed by University Police to educate the public and deter the use of dangerous drugs. The program consists of a Power Point presentation, drug display, and class discussion. This program will also provide information about resources to help fight drug abuse and some current life-saving abilities UPD deploys to fight opioid overdose.

Course length: 1 hour



The Drunkbusters program is designed to inform participants about the effects and dangers of alcohol. Participants learn about the laws, rules, and regulations regarding alcohol possession and usage as well as the laws, seriousness, and consequences of driving while intoxicated. Participants also don the “impaired vision” goggles and attempt to “walk the line,” which simulates walking a straight line with impaired vision. Fun, interactive, and informative.

Course length: 1.5 hours

New / Transfer Student Orientation

This program is offered as an introduction to new and transfer students to get to know the University Police, who we are, and what we do. This will offer student’s general safety tips as well as resources available to them.

Course Length: 1 Hour

On-Line Safety and You

The Online Safety Program was developed by the University Police Department to help educate the community about common internet pitfalls, including recent scam activity, the impact of social media, and the possible consequences of various online actives both personally and professionally. The program consists of an interactive discussion and PowerPoint presentation. 

Course Length: 1 hr 

Plain Clothes Plain Talk

This discussion-based program was developed by University Police to help students to get to know the officers working for the University Police Department. "Meet the people behind the badge, No Uniforms, No Agenda, Let's get to know each other"

Course length: 1 hour


R.A.D. Rape Aggression Defense System

This highly intense self-defense course is offered two times during most semesters to students and community members. It is a 12-hour class that runs over the course of two weeks in four three hour sessions. You must be able to attend all four scheduled dates.

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Course Length: 12 Hours (Four separate 3 Hour Sessions)


Residence Hall Staff Orientation

This program is offered to Residence Hall Staff as a resource guide for Campus Safety, University Police response and procedures, Medical Emergencies and a general overview of different situations they may encounter while performing their duties.

Course Length: 1 Hour

Ride A-Long Program

The University Police Department offers a Ride A-Long Program for the SUNY New Paltz community. This Program is be open to Students, Faculty, Staff and the Public.

Course Length: 8 to 12 Hours

Safety and Crime Prevention Awareness

This training is meant to inform participants about practices and strategies that may reduce their risk of the loss of personal property and the threats of harm to their personal safety.

Course length: 1 hr. 15 mins.


Student Internship Program

The University Police Department offers an internship through the Sociology Criminology Program at SUNY New Paltz. For more information please visit

Course Length: Various Dates / Times for 1 Semester

Safety Videos

Heroin Overdose Prevention

Don't die. Don't let a friend die. Watch this video on heroin overdose prevention.


Campus Safety at SUNY New Paltz

Campus Safety at SUNY New Paltz stars Jimmy, a fictional college-age criminal who poses as a student. Demonstrating how easy it is to take advantage of students’ security lapses, Jimmy steals students’ property, gains access to their personal information, and jeopardizes their safety. Follow the escapades of Jimmy and watch his ultimate demise!


Responding to an Active Shooter

(for more information, please visit our Responding to an Active Shooter page)