Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions

Our department gets many calls ranging from safety on campus to emergency messages that need to be delivered to students. The following list has been compiled from the most frequently asked questions of New Paltz family members.

#10 When is the department open, and how do I get in touch with the police?
The University Police Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you need to get in touch with our department the number is (845) 257-2222. You can also reach us via email at: upd@newpaltz.edu. All emergency calls can dial 911 from any campus phone.

#9 Where can I call to leave a message for a student living on campus?
The University Police Department cannot deliver messages to students unless it is a severe emergency and you must have the information to help us! Make sure you know the student's social security number and address. Have them give you a detailed list of their classes each semester, including classroom location, meeting day, and time.

#8 Does the Police Department offer any kind of escort service?
Yes! The department has a student employed walk service which runs between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. during the fall and spring semesters. Visit the campus Student Walk Service page here for more information; Walk Service

#7 Tell me about parking on campus, is there a fee to have a car parked on campus?
Parking is available for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Please visit the Parking Web site for more information.

#6 Is it safe for students to bring cash, credit cards, stereos, TV etc... with them?
No campus is completely safe and students need to take some precautions. With a 24 hour ATM machine in the Student Union Building and Humanities Building and many banks in town (under a mile walk from campus) there is no reason for students to carry large sums of money at any time. Make sure students have credit card #'s in a safe place (other than wallets) and check with your insurance company to see if the items your student takes to campus are covered under your home policy, you may want to consider obtaining renter's coverage.

#5 What is the lighting like on campus?
The New Paltz campus is well lit, and each semester a committee does regular checks of all areas to ensure students safety. During the summer of 2011 a large scale renovation on campus included adding additional lighting on our walking paths.

#4 If I need some information regarding my student who do I call?
Your student. It is college policy for offices not to provide information regarding your student. This is to ensure their safety. (More information regarding this college policy can be obtained by calling our University Police at 845-257-2222.)

#3 I've seen blue light phones around campus, what are they?
The phone system aids in expediting calls concerning criminal incidents or emergencies. These phones are located in areas of high pedestrian traffic throughout campus. In addition, each campus building has an exterior telephone. Each campus residence hall has a direct-ring emergency telephone in the entrance of each building.

#2 How accessible are the resident halls to non-students?
The entrance doors to student resident halls remain locked 24 hours a day. Unlimited access is available to residents only. Telephones are located in the foyer of each residence hall and visitors should call for admission to the building.

#1 How safe is the campus? Are crime statistics published?
SUNY New Paltz is a relatively safe campus when students use the services provided. We believe that an informed public is a safety conscious public. For campus crime statistics please see the Annual Security report published yearly by our department. You can obtain this on our Web site at: https://www.newpaltz.edu/police/clery-compliance/annual-security-and-fire-safety-reports/ .

Monthly Statistics can also be found here: https://www.newpaltz.edu/police/incidents-summary/

Should you have an additional questions or concerns or want to add to our top ten list please feel free to call us. Here's to a safe and successful year for all of us!

Important Numbers to Remember

University Police (845) 257-2222
Town of New Paltz Police (off campus): (845) 255-1313
Parking Office (845) 257-3347
Student Affairs (845) 257-3260
Residence Life (845) 257-4444
Telecommunications (845) 257-3003
Office of Student Accounts (845) 257-3150
College Post Office (845) 257-3122
Counseling Center (845) 257-2920
Health Center (845) 257-3400
Student Activities & Union Services (845) 257-3025