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The payroll office is located on the third floor (room 301) of the Haggerty Administration Building.

For general questions, call 845-257-3145 or email at

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New York State Payroll

Employees are paid bi-weekly, two-week lag payroll. Payday is every other Wednesday.  Using the Payroll Schedule on this page, find the pay period your Hire Date falls within to know your first Pay Day.

All new employees will have a delay of two pay periods for their first paycheck.

An additional five-day lag will be assess to CSEA, PEF, and Management Confidential.  The five-day lag implemented by withholding the equivalent of one day's pay in each of the appointee's first five pay periods. At the end of the fifth payroll period, the payroll will revert to the regular 100% pay rate and employees will receive their full paychecks. Employees receive payment for this lag upon separation from service at their salary rate at that time.

To view your paycheck, click view paycheck instructions on this page.

If you are no longer an active employee, you cannot access the on-line system. Please contact payroll at or 845-257-3145 to request information.

Click on Forms on this page.

Required paper timesheet forms, as well as the extra service payment/payroll voucher, W-4, IT-2104 and IT-2104E can be filled in right on the form and printed out from your browser. Most forms you can simply click your mouse in the boxes on the form and type in the appropriate responses, then press "print" from your browser's toolbar.  Forms completed and signed may be send electronically via e-mail using encryption option to safeguard information.

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