Parking Lots

Residence Hall Parking on Campus
Resident students with a resident permit may use the following parking lots for overnight parking, 2 a.m. - 6 a.m.:

Crispell Hall Parking (lot 11) (north of Crispell Hall)
Pond Road Parking (lot 14) (Scudder Hall area)
Bouton Hall Parking (lot 25) (North-east of Bouton Hall, behind the Center for Continuing and Professional Education)
Route 32 Parking (lot 28) (off Rt. 32/Manheim Blvd. across from Hopfer House)
College Hall Parking (lot 19)
South Parking (lot 35)
Esopus Hall Parking (lot 36)
West Student Parking (lot 37A)
Walkill Parking (lot 30)

Vehicles parked in lots not designated for overnight parking will be ticketed between 2 a.m. - 6 a.m.

All parking on campus is by permit only.

Visitors with a valid visitor permit are allowed to park in any lot except resident lots.

Parking Rules & Regulations

Campus Map with lot name and numbers

PARKING LOTS BY NUMBER: (view by designation)

1 Old Main Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor
2 Lecture Center Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
3 Library Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
4 Terrace Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor
5 Elting Main Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
6 Elting Middle Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
7 Elting Lower Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
8 Elting Staff Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor
8A Elting Visitor Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
9 Parker Theatre Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor (Handicap only)
10 Staff Parking Faculty/Staff Only
11 Crispell Hall Parking Resident Only
12 Hopfer Annex Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor
13 Service Building Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor
14 Pond Road Parking Resident Only
15 Administrative Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor 6 a.m.-5 p.m.
Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor 5 p.m. - 2 a.m.
17 South Classroom Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
18 Plattekill Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
19 College Hall Parking Resident only
20 Resnick Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
21 Wooster Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
22 Coykendall Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
23 Hopfer Center Parking Visitor only
24 Mohonk Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
25 Bouton Hall Parking Resident Only
26 University Police Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor
27 Hasbrouck Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor
28 Route 32 Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Resident/Visitor (overnight parking for F/S & Commuters)
29 Hanmer Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor
30 Wallkill Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Resident/Visitor (overnight parking for Faculty/Staff and commuters)
31 Old Main Circle Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor
32 Shango Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Visitor
33 Center Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor
34 Children's Center Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor
35 South Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Resident/Visitor
36 Esopus Hall Parking Resident Only
37 West Parking Faculty/Staff/Commuter/Resident (day use only)
37A West Student Parking Resident Only
39 Continuing & Professional Education Parking Faculty/Staff/Visitor