Towing & Booting of Vehicles on Campus

This patrol order is prepared to clarify the University Police Department's policy on booting and towing of vehicles on the SUNY New Paltz campus. The following directives will apply when booting and/or towing is implemented:

  • The boot shall be attached to any vehicle parked on the SUNY New Paltz campus owing in excess of $100.00 in parking fines.
  • The boot shall be placed on any vehicles in violation of the freshman parking ban, after the violator has been notified in writing, and verified at Parking Violations.
  • Any vehicles booted may have a digital photograph taken.
  • The digital photograph may be printed out and made a part of the incident report.
  • Once the boot is in place, the fee to remove the boot is $30.00 cash, MC/Visa, check or appropriate money order.
  • If the fee is paid in cash, a receipt shall be issued at all times.
  • Before the boot is removed all fines are to be satisfied at the Parking Office (Wooster Hall, Student Accounts, room 114) and University Police are to be notified by calling (845) 257-2222.
  • If a vehicle remains booted for five (5) consecutive days, the vehicle is to be towed from campus by a licensed and insured tow operator. The boot shall not be removed until all campus fines and charges have been satisfied. This tow fee is the responsibility of the offending motorist.
  • No tow company will be used that is not a licensed tow operator. Vehicles will not be towed by a towing vendor that does not have liability insurance.
  • As previously stated, all vehicles towed or booted may have a digital photograph attached to the report showing the violation, booting notice and the boot in place.