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Master of Business Administration


Healthcare Administration Courses


The School of Business is pleased to announce a three course sequence in Healthcare Administration, perfect for those who want to add to their skills and knowledge in this growing field. Offered at the MBA level, these courses provide a substantial foundation in healthcare management, while also jump starting your MBA studies.

Healthcare Policy (BUS561)

This course provides students with an understanding of the scope, complexity, advantages and deficiencies of the U.S. health care system. Students will analyze major components of today’s healthcare system, learn about healthcare models in other countries and study the challenges of healthcare leadership.

Healthcare Finance (BUS544) 

This highly applied course covers financial management concepts and techniques for the health care industry. Topics include the regulatory environment, costs and revenues, accounting reports and budgets, financial statement analysis, and capital planning.


Healthcare Management and Leadership (BUS 562)

This course deepens the managerial and analytical competencies needed to assess current regulatory, legal, organizational and financial issues to ensure that quality healthcare services are delivered to patients and other stakeholders. This course examines the healthcare executive’s role in setting management strategy, building a strong management team and empowering the employee workforce.



Music Business Courses


BUS508 Financial Statement Analysis

Students will learn about the principles and standards of financial accounting, and then prepare, interpret, analyze corporate financial statements.

BUS570 Entrepreneurship in Music/Art

Provides students with the core knowledge and foundation to plan, finance, develop, launch and grow a music or arts organization. Focus is on entrepreneurial approaches to building a music business and long-term career.

BUS541 Music Artist Management

Artist management explores the music business through the lens of artist/talent management and focuses on the study of concepts and skills relating to entrepreneurship and entertainment trends in the contemporary music business industry.

BUS521 Arts and Entertainment Law

Evolving legal issues facing artists and entertainers, as well as the industry of managing artists and entertainers. Addresses key legal aspects of intellectual property rights, contracts, negotiation strategies, financing, torts, employment law, general business law, challenges of being a freelance artist, litigation, and the impact of digital distribution channels of creative works.


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