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Natalie Aguilar

Natalie Aguilar (she/her) (Graduated 2020)

Associate Manager of Internships at the Brooklyn Museum

LACLAS proved to be an extremely validating, enriching and informative part of my studies as an undergraduate student. With this interdisciplinary major, I was able to take classes that exposed to me the various histories, social and political movements and literary and artistic productions of the region that fueled self-reflection and critical thinking. 

On the day of my capstone project presentation, my peer and I were gifted a copy of Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire, a book that expressed how education is an essential tool for liberation. As an educator at a cultural institution, I take this reading into my work by providing a space for interns and students to think critically about museums and dominant narratives and structures, as well as by incorporating dialogue and centering their voices. 

The reason I work at a museum in the first place, also stems from this major. During my time studying abroad in Buenos Aires, a large part of my time was devoted to visiting museums, cultural centers, and galleries, fueling my desire to enter the art world. 

I am incredibly grateful to the LACLAS faculty and staff for guidance, encouragement and an enriching academic experience that has shaped my personal and academic growth.