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As a region, Latin America is fascinating in its complexity and diversity, and this diversity is reflected in the variety of courses that are offered through the Program. Courses from a number of Liberal Arts and Sciences departments are accepted for completion of a Latin American Studies program. These departments include Anthropology, Black Studies, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, and Political Science. Most courses are taught in English, although some are in Spanish.

Requirements for the minor in Latin American Studies, in addition to the General Education requirements and the student's major requirements include: 6 courses (18 credits) in at least three different subject areas. Proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese is desirable but not required.

Recent assessments of future employment trends indicate that thousands of employees with expertise in Latin America will be needed by government and business employers in the coming decade. As examples, several major U.S. banks are hiring college graduates with expertise in Latin American Studies. As international trade expands through the new agreements and trade associations, employees with experience and training in Latin America will be increasingly valuable. For these reasons, The Latin American Studies Program strongly supports internships and study abroad. Majors in international business, communication, and international relations find that a second major in Latin American Studies enhances their job prospects.

In government, diverse agencies such as the Department of State, the Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service, the Department of Education's Office of International Education and the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration also hire college graduates with background in Latin Americas subjects.

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