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Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Phone: 845-257-3489 (Program Director) or 845-257-3480 (Program Secretary)
Location: OM 303C (Program Director)
Web Address: www.newpaltz.edu/las

Latin American & Caribbean Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to give you a broad understanding Latin America and Caribbean people, societies, cultures, histories, artistic expressions, and diasporic movements. As a LACS major or minor, you will gain extensive knowledge of this vibrant and important world area from a range of disciplinary perspectives including Anthropology, Black Studies, Communications, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Language, Literatures and Cultures, Political Science, Sociology, Theater Arts, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Both the LACS major and minor plans of study require our foundational course, “Introduction to Latin American Studies” (LAM 270). One of the unique qualities of our program is that you design, along with your advisor, your plan of study from a wide range of classes offered in more than ten departments. To learn about the specific requirements for the major and minor, see the links below.

Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program