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Undergraduate Catalog

Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Phone: 845-257-2975
Location: Southside House
Web Address: www.newpaltz.edu/las

The Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program of academic work designed to give students a broad understanding of Latin America‚Äôs people, societies, cultures, history, literature and the arts.  As a LACS major or minor, you gain extensive knowledge of this vibrant and important world area from a range of disciplinary perspectives including Anthropology, Black Studies, Communication, Economics, Education, History, Languages/Literatures/Cultures, Political Science, Sociology, and Women's/Gender/Sexuality Studies.  Both the LACS major and minor require our foundational course, "Introduction to Latin American Studies" (LAM 270), plus a range of electives.  To learn about the specific requirements for the major and minor, see the links below.

Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program