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Latin American, Caribbean & Latinx Studies

Phone: 845-257-3489 (Program Director) or 845-257-3480 (Program Secretary)
Location: OM 303C (Program Director)
Web Address: www.newpaltz.edu/las

Latin American, Caribbean & Latinx Studies (LACLAS) offers students a broad, interdisciplinary perspective on the history, geography, economies, political systems, artistic and literary expressions, and activism of the communities the live in these regions and that have migrated and resettled in the United States and the Global North more generally. Our programs - a major leading to Bachelor of Art (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees and an 18-credit minor - offer insights on both the common cultural formations and the different and unique cultures that give life to this region of the world. Following a hemispheric approach, the LACLAS program focuses on the many relationships between Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States, enabling students to learn about Latinx experiences, memories, and histories.

One of the unique qualities of our program is the student's role in designing a plan of study. Both the LACLAS major and minor require our foundational course, LAM270 Introduction to Latin American Studies, and allow students to select classes, by advisement, from a wide range of courses housed in more than ten departments. In addition, we offer LAM271 Latinx America and work closely with the Center for International Programs to provide study-abroad opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean for our majors and minors.

Latin American, Caribbean & Latinx Studies Program