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Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez (Graduated 2014)

Counselor, Opportunities Program and Academic Advisor at New York University

I embarked on the LACLAS path with excitement and curiosity, and the experience proved transformative. The program's diverse curriculum, spanning courses from various disciplines all related to Latin America and the Caribbean, such as Intro Latin American Studies, Women in the Caribbean, Afro development of Brazil, surveys of Latin American canon, Latin American film, and Spanish linguistics and phonetics, provided a comprehensive exploration of language, literature, and cultures. This not only enhanced my understanding of Latinoamérica but also pushed both me and my peers out of our comfort zones, fostering personal and academic growth at New Paltz and abroad.

Faculty encouragement to study abroad added another layer to the experience. Professors played a key role, inspiring us with their passion and actively supporting our decision to explore academic opportunities in different cultural settings. Their guidance fueled not only our academic development but also our personal growth.

As I transitioned into graduate studies, the faculty continued to be instrumental. They provided academic support, helping me navigate the challenges of advanced coursework, and offered mentorship that went beyond the classroom. Their guidance significantly shaped my research interests and career trajectory. The solid foundation from LACLAS seamlessly translated into my graduate studies and, subsequently, into my career. Today, as a counselor, I draw on not only the cultural insights and analytical skills gained but also the valuable mentorship that has had a lasting impact. Guiding others in their academic journeys, I carry the spirit of LACLAS with gratitude, and I eagerly anticipate contributing to the alumni section, sharing a part of this remarkable journey. Attached is a recent photo capturing a moment in my ongoing adventure shaped by LACLAS.