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Scholarship Recipients

Madeleine del Caño

Majors: French & Communication Studies (Public Relations)

Minor: Asian Studies

About Her Study Abroad Experience: "With this scholarship I was able to fund my voyage to Da Nang, Vietnam, where I worked with orphans, the disabled, and homes in need."


Teresa Ferguson

Majors: Art History and Digital Media Production

About Her Study Abroad Experience: "Greece's ancient history has enchanted and inspired the world for millennia. I never imagined that I would one day travel there and successfully fulfill the dreams of my younger self. As any art history major, learning about various works of Greek art and architecture in situ was a thrilling and surreal experience. I cannot express how grateful I am that I was able to study abroad in Greece over the summer. It was great to take time to fully absorb the history and culture of a single country via an intensive educational experience."


Kristina Fiakos

Major: Psychology (Industrial/Organizational)

About Her Internship Experience: "I have obtained a lot of valuable knowledge in the nine short weeks that I had a Human Resources Internship at Maldron Hotel Tallaght in Dublin over the summer. Throughout the course of my internship, I was given the opportunity to develop many skills and working closely with my supervisor has allowed me to benefit from my experience to its fullest potential."


Daniel Hulseapple

Major: History

Minors: Ancient Studies, Philosophy, Medieval/Early Modern Studies, Religious Studies, Political Science

About His Internship Experience: "My experience this summer interning in the Penn Museum's Near East Curatorial Department was one of immeasurable value. It afforded me hands-on experience in the field I've wanted to enter since before my college career began; it brought me into contact with leading scholars; it brought my attention to several opportunities for professional development; and finally, it introduced me to a new field that I am confident that I can excel in. In sum, it was one of the highlights of my academic career, and in many ways was the best way I could have hoped to spend my final summer as an undergraduate student."


Alyson Hummer

Major: Psychology

Minor: Music

About Her Study Abroad Experience: "The Experiential Scholarship helped me afford to study abroad for a month in Guatemala this summer. This was an amazing and eye-opening experience for me. While there, we spent time with renowned, passionate activists raising awareness for the issues surrounding indigenous people, women and children of the country. The time I spent there has changed my worldview greatly and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time there."


Ahmad Tipu

Major: International Relations

About His Internship Experience: "This semester I had the opportunity to intern with Swarovski's Sustainability Division and Foundation along with the United Nations' NGO Committee on Financing for Development. Coming away from this semester I can honestly say that the growth I have experienced is far greater than any before it. I started this program with the intention of working towards a career in public-private partnership and the experience I have gained has pushed me further towards such a position."


Katherine Vrachopoulos

Majors: Art History & English

About Her Study Abroad Experience: "The study abroad program that I was lucky enough to take part in was Ancient Greek Art and Archeology: Art History in Greece. As an Art History major, this experience was profound as I was able to stand next to ancient masterpieces while learning about them, rather than seeing blurred images in textbooks. Being present in the same room as these works filled me with an indescribable joy which I owe entirely to this scholarship."


Alexandra Reydel

Majors: Contract (Linguistics) & Philosophy

Minor: Deaf Studies

About Her Study Abroad Experience: "In June 2018 I had the incredible opportunity to spend a month abroad, studying Ancient Greek Art History and Archeology all across Greece. There is no classroom in the world that could have provided me with such a raw, genuine experience while learning about the world of Ancient Greece. Every detail will forever stay more bright and vivid in my memory than any sentence read in a textbook, or PowerPoint slide seen on a screen, no matter how interesting, ever could."