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2015 Scholarship Recipients

Stephanie Black

Majors: Journalism & Communication Studies
Minor: Spanish

About Her Internship:  "For three months, I had the opportunity of a lifetime - interning with an esteemed public relations agency as the Johnson & Johnson Skincare Intern.  In this position, I served on two teams, the Aveeno® team and the Beauty Collective team, comprised of Clean & Clear®, Lubriderm® and RoC® brands.  The fast-paced and professional environment at Regina Public Relations (RPR) Marketing Communications helped me in countless ways.  Primarily, it helped me better prepare for my career in the public relations field, taught me professionalism in the office setting, and helped me grow and mature personally."


Caitlin Cummings

Major: Art History
Minor: Art Sudio

About Her Internship:  "On May 19 I was awarded the International Fine Print Dealers Association Foundation Curatorial Internship by the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center at Vassar College for the summer of 2015.  Over the course of five weeks (June 22 - July 24), I worked in the Art Center full time and had the unparalleled privilege of working directly with the sixteenth-and seventeenth-century prints that were included in Matthew Vassar's original gift to the college.  Supervised directly by Patricia Phagan, the Phillip and Lynn Straus Curator of Prints and Drawings, I was trained in several different areas regarding the examination and handling of Old Master prints.  I also conducted research regarding the original source of these prints - Reverend Elias Lyman Magoon.  The process of learning in such an immersive environment equipped me with a variety of essential curatorial skills that are sure to enhance my future career, and as a whole, the experience encouraged me to pursue connoisseurship in the field of Old Master prints."


Jaclyn Greco

Major:  Adolescence Education:  Math

About Her Study Abroad Experience:  "When I decided to go to Guatemala I know the experience would be something I would remember for the rest of my life, but I had no idea that studying abroad would also help shape my life.  Spending time immersed in the Guatemalan culture allowed me to see how strongly society shapes the world around us.  After returning from Guatemala I decided that I want to continue my education in Sociology and some day work with underprivileged families."


Hanna Kasahara

Being part of the SUNY Global Engagement Program was my dream since my freshman year. I did everything that I could in order to get into this program as well as to get an amazing internship experience. The actual program was very challenging, but all of my efforts definitely paid off. After finishing the Global Engagement Program, I am determined to study more and more to fulfill my new goal - working at the United Nations. The whole experience showed me a clear image of fulfilling this goal. I am very grateful for the diplomats, professors, and classmates who inspired me to set this fresh starting point. I am keen to encourage other students to have similar experiences in the future.


Chiara Ostrin

Major: Psychology (Industrial/Organizational)
Minor: Art Studio

About Her Internship Abroad:  "I spent my two months of my summer break in beautiful Dublin, Ireland, working for a recruitment agency called Wallace Myers International (WMI).  It was an amazing experience that I couldn't get any where else.  What I like about WMI is that teamwork and communication are highly emphasized for good business.  Persistence and hard work were motto's that were also highly talked about for success."


Clare Profous

Majors: Spanish & International Relations
Minor: Political Science

About Her Internship Abroad:  "I recently completed my third ten week internship with the U.S. Department of State at the Office of Public Affairs (PAS) at the U.S. Consulate in Ecuador.  Prior to Ecuador I interned at the U.S. Embassy in Serbia in the Office of Regional Security and Public Affairs and in the Office of Management and Reform at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in New York City.  My time in Ecuador served as an opportunity to prove to myself that I am capable of using my Spanish language skills in a professional working environment.  I am very grateful to the Office of Public Affairs for trusting me with important responsibilities, and to SUNY New Paltz for making my internship possible."


Usman Shakil

Majors: Psychology & Philosophy
Minor: Disaster Studies

About His Internship:  "Over the summer, I interned at Abilities First for four weeks, amassing a total of 121.5 hours of on-site time.  Having familiarized myself with the organization and its participants, I understand Abilities First to be an enriching day habilitation program for adults with physical and developmental disabilities, where they are engaged in constructive activities, receive initiatory job training, are taught how to appropriately interact with in a social setting, undergo individual and group therapy, and learn basic life skills.  I hope to become a psychologist and own a private practice, providing therapy to individuals who are diagnosed with mental illness and helping them live more fulfilling and happier lives." 

**Shakil died tragically in early December, and multiple memorial services were held in his honor on the New Paltz campus.  He was remembered as a kind person, dedicated scholar and active member of the campus community.**


Shayna Skibinsky

Major:  Music (Contemporary Music)

About Her Internship:  "My time at Preo Mobile Ordering was a tremendous learning experience.  This was my first internship at an established company, though "established" may be too strong a word.  Preo is a tech startup that has developed a mobile application and ticketing mechanism/machine for ordering and paying for drinks and food in bars, clubs, and other venues.  It is in the process of launching, acquiring major partners and users, and building a reputation.  I had the opportunity to join them as they gained traction, and to contribute a serious and integral amount."


Denera Ragoonanan

Major: International Relations
Minor: Economics

About Her Internship Abroad:  "This summer, the Honors Experiential Scholarship encouraged me to develop a research project in Turkey focusing on civil society, political parties and liberal development in Turkey.  This project allowed me to speak with political parties, NGOs and other non-governmental/governmental figures in Turkey ranging from refugees to MPs in the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Batman, Diyarbakir and Gaziantep.  By doing so, I was able to understand the Turkish political process and reasons behind Turkey's current political government."