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    • Ability To Pre-Register for Classes - Honors Program students are able to register for classes for the following semester two weeks sooner than other students. This allows students to easily enroll in classes that are typically filled quickly and to have more flexibility in selected class times.
    • 24/7 Access to the Honors Center - The Honors Center is a physical location on campus located within College Hall. It is a large space that Honors students are able to utilize at any time to complete work. Within this space are a number of computers, a black and white printer, a color printer, a kitchen facility, and the seminar room (where Honors Seminar classes are held). Our Director, Pat Sullivan, and our Administrative Assistant, Alicia, have offices within the Center. Honors Thesis Presentations are shared in this space by graduating seniors. Overall, the Honors Center is meant to be a space that all Honors students can use to complete work, share ideas, study, and learn.
    • Lenape Hall (A First Year Living Learning Community) - All incoming, resident first-year Honors students are highly encouraged to (but not required) to live in Lenape Hall in the Honors LLC. Lenape Hall is a newer residence hall where students live in triple style corridor and suite style rooms with air conditioning and private bathrooms (to note a few amenities). First-year students who choose to live in this hall will live with other Honors students in a wing of Lenape and take the course "The Individual and Society" together. Students who choose to join this community often build friendships and connections with each other quickly. You can learn more about Lenape Hall by visiting the Residence Life website. Contact Alicia Ivan at ivana@newpaltz.edu to sign up for Honors Lenape Housing for the Fall semester.
  • Access to Special Trips - Each semester the Honors Program sponsors a number of trips to encourage hands-on, interdisciplinary experiences and learning. At least one trip to NYC occurs (with an opportunity for free Broadway tickets). Other places we have gone include the New York Botanical Gardens, Museums in NYC, Clearwater Sailing, hiking on the New Paltz Rail Trail, Minnewaska State Park Preserve, Mohonk Preserve, Storm King Art Center, and much more. These trips are free to attend or (in rare instances) at a low cost. 
  • Vouchers For On-Campus Events - All Honors students may attend any on-campus event at no cost with the use of a voucher. Interested students should see our Administrative Assistant, Alicia Ivan, and request a voucher for an event such as a concert, play, or musical. With the voucher, students need only to go to the Box Office and redeem it for an actual ticket to the event.